(Please Note; this is an independent commentary on today’s events, inspired by Rob Hersov, BUSINESS GURU, ENTREPENEUR AND ABOVE ALL SOUTH AFRICAN! as he chats about the election and post-election scenario in South Africa)

Option 1

  1. – ANC wins election outright with 50% plus of the vote – Very unlikely as they have lost power in all of the major metros such as Gauteng, Kzn and they have never succeeded as a political party in the Cape because The DA knows how to run a province and if they were given a chance they would return South Africa to the Rainbow Nation status it had post 1994 and pre – Zuma and Ramaphosa’s reign. When the happens, not if! the country will recover very quickly, the power grid will be restored, the police will do the job they are supposed to do.

The ANC and their GREEDY MAFIA CADRES will be out on their respective ears and over the next ten years we will recover in a miraculous way. The ANC is finished. If a referendum were to be held today, the ANC would get about 41%, and they would be out of power. Hence, the last thing the ANC wants is an early election or a country-wide referendum, as they are hoping that between now and May 2024 they can somehow perform a miracle and convince the electorate to support them to the tune of 50% plus.

(Speaking of power – it is not widely known that the navy in Simonstown has nuclear power plants in their submarines that could restore the power grid in the Cape overnight!

turkish navy submarine in sea
Photo by Bilgehan Bilge on Pexels.com

Option Two

The ANC collaborates with the EFF. That will be a DISASTER because the EFF will take power from the ANC very quickly as they are much cleverer and vastly more capable than the ANC and the EFF will then turn South Africa into a SOCIALIST state, rapidly followed by transition to A FASCIST DICTATORSHIP AND OUR LIVES WILL BE RUINED even more quickly than the ANC is ruining them.

Option 3.

The ANC collaborates with the DA – run opposition coalition and a more stable and prosperous government will emerge from the rubble.

Option 4.

The DA run coalition wins outright with 50% plus of the vote. If only that could happen! It’s not impossible however.

The upshot of all this is that the bulk of the population who is sitting on their arses and hoping for the best; particularly the business lobby, will GET OFF THEIR BUTTS AND VOTE THE ANC AND THE CRIMINAL CADRES OUT ONCE AND FOR ALL – COME ON PEOPLE; WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE! KICK THESE BUMS TO THE KERB!

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Photo by Nicole Michalou on Pexels.com

All the ANC government wants is to continue to destroy the country’s infrastructure for as long as they can, so they can continue stealing from all of us.

However, I am quite sure that if the ANC is not kicked out in the 2024 election, then they will be a spent force by 2019. They have already lost control of the major metros such as Gauteng, KZN, Nelson Mandela Bay and Tshwane, so they are rapidly becoming a small , relatively insignificant rural party, losing more and more influence every day.

The flimsy tissue that is holding them together now is mainly social grants and fast fading memories of the struggle against Apartheid and Colonialism which are rapidly becoming irrelevant in the minds of young people facing the complexities of the fast changing modern world we live in today.

As regards the possibility that the Cape Province will secede from the rest of the country and form a separate self-governed state; I don’t think this is a real possibility; because if the Cape were somehow able to pull that off, then the rest of the country’s provinces will undoubtedly follow suit, and the country will then turn into a grouping of smaller independent countries; each under their own government, and South Africa as a unit will cease to exist – Something of a pipedream I have to admit!

In any case, in many respects, the Cape Province is already well on the way to becoming independent in areas such as power generation, green energy alternatives, policing and the like and this process is sure to continue; so why waste time and energy trying to form a separate country. The Cape is a well – run bubble of good governance and prosperity; far removed from the rest of the country, which is rapidly falling apart.

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