What else is new?? Julius Malema has a BIG MOUTH and knows how to manipulate the media; but apart from that, he is just a blowhard. He has failed utterly to convince South Africans that he has support among the masses of the people. If a general election were to be held tomorrow he would have minimal support.

What is overwhelmingly clear is that the primary interest of the majority of South Africans living in or near the metros lies in protecting their lives, livelihoods and property against the ravages of civil unrest that might ensue if law and order is not maintained. Unfortunately, the rural poor who are trapped under the yoke of struggling to survive on the paltry social grants they are given by the governments have no say in this situation due to poverty and the cost of travelling to the metros to take part in the process.

Parading down Talbot Road
Parading down Talbot Road by Gerald England is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0

Stephen Grootes made some telling arguments about the protest action attempt and Malema in an article under the Daily Maverick banner: He said that while Malema is flip flopping all over the place while endeavouring to show that he supports the so-called Anti-racist ‘revolution’ that is intent on overthrowing the government, and Ramaphosa in particular; at the same time, he and Floyd Shibamvu are working in cahoots with the ANC to strengthen the party’s support in Tshawe and Johannesburg.

What all this actually shows is that he has narrow, personal political interests. Although Malema is very good at attacking opponents of a different colour; he is not so good when he attempts to attach the predominantly black central government.

The sad truth is that none of the threats that hang over South Africans like a dark cloud today and in the future, are due to anything other than the astounding greed and unheeding attitude of the cadres in government and elsewhere; in particular our PUPPET PRESIDENT, who; far from being the leader the country needs is floundering around aimlessly, trying to deflect blame for the past and present catastrophies on people and organisations other than ANC members, all of whom, OF COURSE, HAVE THEIR FINGERS IN THE PIE!.

Sign - `U Loot I Shoot', Devon North, Gippsland, Victoria, 2009 Black Saturday Bushfires, 8 Feb 2009

The other surprising fact that is obvious is how successfully and ruthlessly the protestors are being kept under control in the so called protest action; unlike the way IN JULY 2021; popularly known as the Zuma Riots, the police and soldiers stood around and watched while furniture, appliances and foodstuffs were being looted right in front of them, without lifting a finger to make arrests of people who were committing crimes that amounted to nothing less than TREASON.

Coming to the ESKOM power crisis; what a shocker it was to hear from ANDRE DE RUITER that for some time the thieves in the ESKOM organisation and outside it; members of criminal syndicates and the like, have been and still are stealing from ESKOM’S coffers ONE BILLION RAND PER MONTH. WE, THE TAXPAYERS ARE PAYING FOR THAT!

What sheds some hope and light in the situation is to see that members the tax paying public; by their very action of not supporting Malemas ‘revolution’ and instead opting to stay at mome

What puzzles me no end is why business leaders, industry leaders and citizens as a whole who have a vested interest in preserving business success and general growth in the economy, members of the tourism industry, people with an interest in preserving what’s left of the green economy and the status of South Africa in the eyes of the world; which is rapidly deteriorating; all seem content to stand idly by while everything crumbles.

There are several possible answers to that question:

1.They are planning to disinvest here and leave the country.

2. They are still hoping that the National State of Disaster (and here, I am not talking about Ramaphosa’s version, which is total Hogwash), will somehow be resolved and a new leadership structure with intelligence, foresight, and with a conscience, headed by a real leader; will be able to take over the country and stop the rot before it’s too late bit of a LONG SHOT – don’t you think?

3. They believe that the country’s progress towards a Communist Dictatorship will solve all our problems – a very big question mark on that one too, I believe!

Russia or China will step in and save us all. Good one! More likely to gobble us all up! LOL.

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