Just because it’s freezing cold and lovely and warm in your cozy bedrooms doesn’t mean you can go into hibernation now! – especially what with as life is so difficult at the moment with soaring food prices and slowdowns in business activity. You need to be active to fight the Wintry conditions; keep your blood and muscles moving and your brain cells going.

Likewise, we at Busy Bee Editing need to ‘wikkel’ to keep our business running at maximum revs; ahead of the Christmas holiday season – only 5 months away.

Which reminds me!

All you graduates and post-graduates out there – this applies particularly to you guys as you have to start planning completion of your dissertations, assignments and theses.

On that note, Busy Bee Editing is ‘rarin’ to go‘ to tackle all your proofreading and editing needs – so give us a shout if you need a quote on those services, at the special price of 12 cents per word instead of our usual 15 cents per word for students.

Don’t forget – Your thesis is a major foundation stone for your future – It could mean the difference between getting a Cum Laude accreditation and an ordinary accreditation, so make sure that your theses is as perfect as it can be – with Busy Bee!

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Included in our offering to you at that price is:

A double proofread to eliminate all errors

A professional layout

syntax and word flow adjustments to make your document user friendly and crystal clear

Thorough grammar and spelling checks

A proofreading certificate

Tracking is included throughout all documents

improved word selection where necessary (students/graduates have the option to revert to their original wording if desired; using ‘tracking’

If students wish to verify our credentials then they can go to ‘testimonials’ in this website and thereby see what our customers think of us and our services.

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