‘Slim Dusty” Kirkpatrick got it right! An Australian Country Music performer; he encapsulates the misery of a dry and dusty Quaffer who can’t quench his thirst.

There is nothing wrong with having a drink with your meal in a restaurant, a pub or at home. The problem is not with alcohol per se. It is with people’s reckless selfish behaviour. The alcohol ban in the South Africa is achieving nothing.

Instead of locking down alcohol, this incompetent government should modify people’s behaviour. Make it so uncomfortable for recalcitrant drinkers that they will be forced to obey the law. Arrest the drunken drivers, using a ‘no tolerance’ policy. If they don’t comply, they will lose their wives and their families and their jobs, and will have to ponder their recklessness from behind bars. It works in Australia – why not here?

The reason why the trauma rooms in our country are full of people with stab wounds, injuries caused in auto accidents and battered wives is not access to alcohol. It is caused by an incompetently run country where people can literally ‘get away with murder’ and put innocent people’s lives in danger; knowing full well that even if they have to appear in court and are convicted, they will merely get a ‘slap on the wrist’ and be released after a short term of imprisonment and be set free to do it all over again.

Closing down on alcohol does not cure the problem. It actually exacerbates it because no alcohol sales results in illegal manufacture of ‘moonshine’, which may cause death, loss of income and jobs, which, in turn causes desperation; particularly in unemployed men who then batter or murder their wives.

Is our government so naive that they think that closing down bottle stores, supermarket wine sections and serving alcohol in restaurants and pubs is going to stop alcoholics and irresponsible drinkers from getting their hands on alcohol? Our policing system is like a sieve; riddled with holes. Our country is like a welcoming invitation to criminals to run rampant, steal, abuse all forms of authority, and murder. I have it on good authority that gangs of teenage and younger children were recently rampaginging through suburbs like Plumstead, to the point that normal citizens were too afraid to go for a walk in their neighboured for fear of being mugged or worse.

The ANC received a total of R577 Billion Rand to prepare forCovid 19 – Where has it gone?.

Lawlessness is the order of the day in South Africa! I venture to suggest that more respect is given to criminals than law abiding citizens in our country today, because being seen as a successful fraudster, illegal tenderpreneur or drug dealer is seen as ‘cool’ in some circles; a sign of success.

Mr Ramaphosa. If you are not going to step down from office, due to being accused of corruption, then please take up the reigns of your and our country and adopt a ‘law and order presidency’ (the one thing that Trump got right) and stamp out corruption and crime in South Africa once and for all! If you can’t achieve that, then please step aside and let someone else do it!

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