From the moment Ramaphosa took over as president of South Africa everything in this country started to slide and it has not stopped, and continues today!

In fact, the country has slid into a worst level of uselessness, unfulfilled promises cover-ups buck-passing, poverty, disease, a shocking education system (it has recently been reported that 80% of children in Grade four are unable to read for meaning), an apparently unresolvable energy crisis, a burgeoning water crisis, rampant crime, businesses are failing, the value of our money drops continuously, there is a huge amount of corruption … the list is endless … it goes on and on.

And it is all due to our president – Ramaphosa. All I can say that is at all positive about him is that he is very good at pulling the wool over people’s eyes with fancy speeches. (I actually stopped listening to his speeches months ago because I know that all he says is lies! I’d rather listen to the commentators.) As John Steenhuizen leader of the DA said, HE IS THE ULTIMATE CON ARTIST! AND HAS SUCCEEDED IN CONNING ALL OF US FOR SIX YEARS.

This disaster affects everyone!

A case in point: We, as editors and proofreaders, were contracted to two technical universities in South Africa to provide our services to undergraduate and particularly postgraduate PHD candidates. The first university (who shall be nameless), dropped us from their list of approved proofreaders, because we insisted on being paid timeously for our work – because we are a business, not a charity organisation; or alternatively because we have seen news reports that indicate that the university is not honouring its undertakings to the students; so I suspect that the university is in the process of collapsing entirely. (luckily, we got our payment before the suspected collapse)

We are still doing work for the second university; but again, we have to date not been paid, and if we are not paid, we will take legal action against the university. (as they undertake to pay the students’ proofreading costs in advance; which they have failed to do)

As has often been said, A FISH ROTS FROM THE HEAD DOWN and we all know who the the head of this fish is!

How can anyone expect the citizens of our country to behave fairly, non-racially, honestly, unselfishly and with integrity when the so-called leader of the country is so blatantly stealing all our livelihoods and even our lives, with no shadow of a conscience whatsoever. People, no matter the strata of society they are in, are forced to cheat, steal and lie constantly, in order simply to survive!

Although many people; including myself, believed that Zuma was a terrible president in many ways; at least he was respected by many AS A LEADER AND HE GOT THINGS DONE!

When he was replaced by Ramaphosa, the real rot set in.

As regards the upcoming elections next year; I don’t believe that coalition government is the answer; as they have failed in most cases so far in local government and because service delivery is still severely lacking, except in the case of the Cape Province. (you can see the difference in how well local government is working when you cross the border between the Cape and The Eastern Cape – as soon as you enter the Cape the potholes stop!)

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Therefore, it seems to me that although, like all political parties, the DA has its faults, overall; their track record shows that in terms of service delivery and general wellbeing of the residents that the DA comes out on top, as the only option that can start us all on the long and arduous path to getting our country back to what it was before the ANC took over.

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