You lost the Presidency months ago – and you couldn’t even see it. You’ve been lectured to by the top Honchos in the senate #Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnel for betraying the democratic institutions of the USA and bringing embarrassment to all Americans, including your Republican allies; and the unbelievable happened! Your hitherto strongest supporter in the Republican Party #Mike Pence, who you tried to manipulate into flying in the face of the voters of America and overturning the whole election; turned his face away from you and declared the absolute lunacy of your futile attempt to overturn the election in the face of 60 plus lawsuits; every one of which you lost; trying to prove country-wide election fraud. It’s a pity and a shame that you were not there as promised, to lead the mob. Instead, you were quick to run to the White House for shelter.

Clearly, the majority of Americans want you out of power ASAP; and the more this becomes obvious, the more you persist in your ludicrous agenda of self-aggrandisement. You are an embarrassment to all sane Americans and to the rest of the civilised world.

The gang of outright thugs who you managed to persuade into launching what they call a “protest” unbelievably managed to push back the security force members and gain access into the inner chamber of the House of Representatives, and; in the ensuing #”barroom brawl”, caused 4 deaths; one of whom was a “protester.”

It got so bad that you were banned from both Facebook and your beloved mouthpiece Twitter. Now, all of a sudden, you, the #Turncoat President have betrayed the followers who supported you and obeyed your rabble rousing tactics by condemning the very actions you encouraged, by asking for healing and reconciliation and “an orderly transfer of power.”

(Stop Press: I now see he is back on Twitter!)

This looks more and more like a Wild West Movie every day. All we are missing is Wild Bill Hickock with guns blazing!

The next two weeks will be interesting as we speculate whether Trump will have the audacity to marshall his #army of thugs once again to cause chaos before he leaves the White House.

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