The people who came up with this idea should really cut back on their own drinking in the meetings where they discuss this issue (behind closed doors) because clearly it is affecting their judgement!

This is what’s going to happen:

Very few restaurants will reopen because a major part of their income comes from the sale of alcohol to seated customers, as an accompaniment to meals.

Restaurant owners and their staff members will continue to have no income and suffer financial distress.

Restaurants will become bottle stores, while being minimally supported by the public because having a drink with your meal is an integral part of the enjoyment people derive from going out for a meal. These are not alcoholics we are talking about here. These restaurant patrons are responsible people who are successful in their professions who provide a substantial contribution to our ailing economy.

The answer to beating this virus is via using one’s common sense and employing basic methods such as testing for Covid, handwashing, social distancing and wearing face coverings in crowded places.

Just as stupid is not allowing people to be served alcohol in hotel dining rooms or in their rooms while staying in the hotel for business purposes. (This rule is what I gather is the case vis a vis hotels now. There are so many confusing and contradictory changes in the rules at the moment – that I could be wrong) This particular regulation will lead to a hotel guest going to a restaurant or bottle store to buy a bottle and then being faced with the dilemma of where to have a drink. Does this respectable business person have to go into a park like a criminal or a hobo to have a drink, only to run the risk of being jailed for drinking in public.


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