In my capacity as a freelance proofreader, I make a point of keeping in touch with what’s going on generally on our threatened planet. The overall impression I have is that if businesses do not adapt fast! to the startling daily advances in technology, their businesses are going to go downhill fast

Whether we like it or not, the #Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us!

Here are some examples of this.

  • Robotics are taking over in manufacturing.
  • Although some steps are being taken to correct this trend in some circles, plastic waste is taking over our world. Our global food supply, of which fish plays a major part is dwindling because of plastic waste destroying coral reefs. I know that modern technology is already dreaming up ways to improve this situation.
  • #Global warming is a reality, no matter what the “ostriches” say!
  • #Elon Musk is planning his #flying cars which will be available very soon.
  • Medical technology is progressing at an astounding rate.
  • #A “paperless” world is already happening. When did you last write a cheque?
  • Businesses are becoming less reliant on permanent staff and are increasingly using contracted experts to do the job, not to mention the racial issues that prevail.
  • Increasingly, the #”Global Village” that was talked about a long time ago is the way businesses are run today. I’ll warrant that many businesses don’t even have an office any more. Their businesses reside on their cellphones and their laptops, including our very own Busy Bee Editing with customers throughout South Africa and European countries.
  • Social media use is running rampant, especially among the young; so business owners – opt to go digital! because reputation and “word of mouth” are not sufficient to maintain your market share.
  • These are just a few examples of how our world is changing, so don’t be an ostrich!

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