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Proofreading, Editing, Reviewing and Graphic Design services by two professional language editors who are both fluent in the English language, as well a professional graphic designer.


We take the confidentiality of our clients’ documents very seriously. All documents are password protected and communication is strictly confidential.

Our professional proofreading, editing and review services can correct and perfect ANY document, theses or manuscript. Our professional graphic design service can make ANY book cover, eBook or any other graphic design work stand out from the rest. Our rates are affordable, and we take the time to truly understand what you are looking for. We guarantee the best service and turnaround time.


We will thoroughly proofread your business documents, theses, dissertations, manuscripts, eBooks, short stories and much more, by eliminating any errors in spelling, grammar, syntax and sentence construction.


We will thoroughly edit your business documents, theses, dissertations, manuscripts, eBooks, short stories and much more by improving the style, layout, clarity and the sentence construction. We also offer text rewriting where necessary.



We will do an in-depth review of your final thesis, dissertation, manuscript, eBook, short story, article, blog etc.

Bio Writing

Do you need a personal bio describing what makes you tick, what makes you special and how your life’s journey has progressed; to impress an interviewer, or a publisher who is considering publishing your book or you are being assessed for an academic, scientific or business orientated top job, then look no further.

Graphic Design

Do you need a professional designer? We provide a professional graphic design service to authors for their book covers, eBooks or any other graphic design work if needed. You name it we design it!

Website Design

Sell or showcase your product, event or business on a mobile-friendly featured-packed website. Our website designer offers professional and affordable websites that include basic onsite SEO and analytics. Hosting and maintenance services are also provided.

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