The ANC like all the other parties, is masquerading as the protector of the interests of the South African citizen. Again, all these high-minded promises will disappear like a puff of smoke as soon as the election is over. Their manifesto will as usual announce grand plans to improve the plight of the poor, improve infrastructure such as the shocking state of the roads, water supplies, electricity, create employment …. Bla, Bla, Bla ….

The horrifying fact is that all the ANC has succeeded in doing in 27 years is perpetuating the heroic vision of the ANC as struggle heroes, revolutionaries, saviours of the nation etc …. again Bla, Bl, Bla, and their blinkered followers continue to believe all that garbage as they sit in their shacks amidst hunger, thirst, and unsanitary conditions … while their children and grandchildren smoke Nyaope or other dangerous drugs, rape and murder and wait for their next opportunity for looting and destruction, as happened in July 2021; and the reason? – they don’t know what else to do!

The two policies that the ANC initiated and relentlessly pursued in the face of clear evidence that they didn’t work are BEE and cadre deployment. These two policies alone have crippled this country; and furthermore tolerance and participation in criminal activities made it a hundred times worse.

Central Government has far too much power. By the time funds have filtered down to municipal level they have been whittled away; mostly by corruption to insufficient amounts to properly fund coummunity initiatives to improve the lives of citizens. The municipalities must be given sufficient power and money for real change. Promises do not fill bellies!

Apartheid is long gone although some vestiges may remain. However if anyone has the power to overcome the remnants of Apartheid, it is the ANC themselves. As the party in power with extreme totalitarian tendencies, they should have beaten Apartheid into submission decades ago. Today’s children and millenial young adults don’t even know what living in the Apartheid era was like.

Instead of whining about the damage that Apartheid caused, why doesn’t the ANC assist the townships and homelands that were created in that era to improve facilities there and generate more incentive for financial and business growth, in tandem with the metros? That would show instead of allowing corruption and cadre enrichment to flourish that they are genuinely concerned about the people in those areas – their own supporters!

In an age dominated by huge threats to our planet such as global warming, the incredible advances in technology we experience and have to deal with every day, Covid 19, the rise in power of extremist Muslim Jihadists, child trafficking, the international drug mafia and the growing threat of power mongering by world powers such as China, North and South Korea, India and Russia, which embody the threat of a NUCLEAR WORLD WAR THREE today’s children must be crazy to still be worrying about the lingering effects of Apartheid’s legacies.

The EFF has nothing to offer the electorate except free land and anti-whiteness. They make a lot of noise and blatantly attack the ANC for its collaboration with big business and particularly white big business. They are extremely racist and racism and free land are their only policies.

8th October 2021: In his ranting and raving speech in Rustenberg today; once again, Malema is waving his racist flag blatantly, although he always says he is not racist. He speaks in favour of black people standing together and teaching the white people how to behave. It seems to me that he is saying things that the ANC is afraid to say. He seems to be the ANCs Rottweiler, showing the teeth that our president is afraid to show. If this is the case, then he is working directly against the ANCs professed call for unity amongst all races in South Africa.

As for the DA, I think they are on the right track in emphasising the need for service delivery to all the municipalities; which is something that the ANC has dismally failed to do, and, despite all their pre-election promises are very unlikely to do in future. Their slogan THE DA WILL GET THINGS DONE is right on track and they have the track record on the Cape Peninsula that unlike the other prominent parties, they have the proof to show the electorate. As John Steenhuizen has said, you only have to drive across the border into the Cape Province to see that THERE ARE NO MORE POTHOLES after you cross the border!

However, when it comes to politics; never forget all politicians lie! It is in their DNA; especially at election time.

The problem that the DA in particular has is poverty and crime on the Cape Flats and one only has to drive from Cape Town airport to see that it will be a very long time before the plight of the shack dwellers in Khalitsha in particular is solved, particularly as it is so far from the Cape Town Metro.

My feeling is that the ANC will still have a strong showing in the municipal elections.

I also think that the EFF will improve their position regarding the municipalities, but they definitely will not be taking over all the metros, as they have been boasting about, for the reasons mentioned above.

Their stance on land is clearly Communistic. They want their envisaged EFF government to take over what they call the “custodianship” of ALL THE LAND. They offer no solutions as to what the recipients of land will do with it when they get it; nor do they show any intention of educating prospective farmers on how to farm. The huge disparity between the rich and the poor must be be blamed squarely on the ANC. The end result of any such handover without government support will be more townships with residents who are unable to support themselves and thus are totally dependent on support grants to survive.

It’s all about rhetoric about racism when it comes to the EFF.; but they are the biggest racists of all. At the last count, the EFF had the support of only 8% of the electorate. How on earth do they think they are going to translate that into enough support to take over government.

By the way, I see that the EFF has opened their new headquarters in Johannesburg and named it after Winnie Mandela. Do they really think this is going to increase their chances in the election? All it shows is that the EFF has a lot of money. Where did they get it from? They say that they are not infringing the new funding regulations; who are you trying to kid? – and by the way – does anyone remember the Winnie Mandela Football Club and their murderous activities – including the death of Stompie Seipee?

I also think that the DA will increase their holding in the municipalities as they are the only party that has a coherent policy directed firmly at upgrading service delivery, which is what is needed most in our country right now.

1 October 2021 – Pre-Election Update: The EFF’s failing to produce the source of their funding and their absence from the code of conduct signing just proves once again that their approach to the election is clearly nothing more than disruption and their arrogant approach continues show their disrespect for any form of authority, the rule of law or concern for their fellow South Africans. They have no policy! and no moral fibre!

The next uprising and looting spree is written in the tea leaves. Its just a matter of time! Let’s just hope we can get the elections done before then.

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