Mr #Ramaphosa has a #great speechwriter, but that’s not enough. We’ve heard similar speeches before but the power still goes out three times a day. Children are still falling into the pit toilets, women and children abuse is still rife, there are still plenty of potholes in KZN and it’s all very well talking about the new medical insurance and the large numbers of jobs that will be generated; and the new town that is going to be built, but to me it’s all a #pipe dream until we can see it happening. Mr R is tossing fantastic numbers around but I for one, do not buy it. Our president is clearly on something very powerful because he has very vivid dreams – Can I have some please!

The one idea that makes a lot of sense to me is the idea of integrating the major cities and towns with the #townships in their vicinity. These townships that cluster around these centres of activity if integrated properly into the adjacent city, town or metro can surely become #engines for growth in our country. Instead, they remain cesspools of decay, frustration and grinding poverty. We can’t stop the townships so let’s work with them, insist on town planning when they are still being built, assist he township leaders with financing provide proper affordable transport to the town’s workplaces and so on.

The question is who is going to pay for it all? You can’t create jobs! Jobs will be on offer when there is growth in the country. At present our growth rate is under one percent. If you stimulate the economy, then there will be growth and everything else will stem from that.

Anything else is just ‘waffle’ designed to still the voices that are concerned about our future! These voices will not be stilled until the populace, particularly the poor, see that things are being done to bring about real change in the country, at all levels, from the ‘fat cats’ in their fancy suits and tribal garb right down to he poorest of the poor.

Although I am certainly not a fan of the leader of our rabble rousing #EFF party, I do see what happened in parliament yesterday as a clear signal that citizens are unhappy and frustrated in our country. At least these rebellious party members are doing something about alerting us all that is not well and that that the outdated traditional ‘verkramte’ methods of dealing with our problems are not working any more. Less ‘waffle’ and more action please, before it’s too late!

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