Right now and for the foreseeable future South Africa has HUGE problems to solve to get us out of the hole we are in:40% national unemployment.

55.2% youth unemployment

Massive housing backlogs

questionable protection from Corona Virus, going forward

Increasingly angry and aggressive proliferation of protest action, criminal activities, and gang activity and abuse against women and children; particularly amongst the youth; fuelled by drug addiction and shocking living conditions in the townships

The list goes on and on …

So why not escalate anti-criminal activity against the thieves who are raping our country economically; take their fancy suits and cars away, put them into orange overalls and put them to work assisting with building infrastructure to uplift the poor and get our economy going as it should be. Feed and clothe them; take away their luxurious lifestyles and recoup the money they stole from us, the taxpayers, and put that money to work in rebuilding our country.The Hawks know what to do!

Stop Press! It appears that certain citizens have suffered having their moveable assets forfeited because of their alleged involvement in an illegal building project where asbestos was illegally and highly dangerously used in construction. This is a step in the right direction – so Hooray to the NPA for that one, but it’s not enough. Corruption in our country is a huge mountain to climb, but ‘eating an elephant has to be done one bite at a time’

The Expanded Public Works Programme is allegedly getting great results in providing jobs, thus creating income for impoverished families and inspiring entrepeneurial efforts in poverty stricken areas. We why can’t this programme be further expanded to include convicted white collar criminals? These thieves have been getting away with murder for too long; protected by their legal teams. Refuse them bail. Put them to work!

It’s up to us! the hard working tax paying people who have built this country from the ground up to step up and do their bit to prevent it from falling into the same fate as some of our more northern neighbours. We must shout loud and long to prevent this. Viva Mzansi!

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