As someone who watches the media; I must confess that I for one, do not trust the mainstream media. In my humble opinion; because of the huge amount of fake news put out by mainstream media in a ruthless quest for ratings, I prefer to look at social media because despite the amount of fake news that is spread there by conspiracy theorists and the like; the internet is still open to all of us, at least you can find a huge spread of opinions online and then make up your own mind and draw your own conclusions.

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Likewise, YouTube gives one a good spread of opinions, podcasts, presentations by so-called experts in fields such as politics, economics, health etc.

It seems to me that as long as people like Klaus Schwab the leader of WEF AND BILL GATES are allowed to piously spout about having a world government, a world digital currency and a new world order presided over by a self-styled elite; a mileu that is dominated purely by money and power. – We are all in trouble unless the opposing group of emerging nations under the banner of BRICS stands up to them and stops WEF and their cronies in their tracks!

By the way, who gave these monkeys the right to tell the inhabitants of our planet how to save the world?? SCHWAB IS NOT A GOD!

There is a mixed bag of opinions about who started the Ukraine war. Some say that Russia fomented the war as part of Putin’s plan to retake territory that previously was part of the USSR. Others say that the US was the instigator, in a bid to use the Ukraine as a launching pad to use against strategic targets in Russia. Also, as everyone knows – WAR IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS and the US is adept at using wars on a pretext of protecting certain inhabitants in an area, while in truth, their real agenda is to maintain strategic power bases in as many areas as possible, so as to continue America’s economic and military dominance over the rest of the world.

However, this so-called dominance seems to be waning rapidly; which in part is due to Biden’s rapidly deteriorating state of health, and IN NO SMALL MEASURE EVEN BORDERING ON INSANITY. (e.g. smelling babies’ hair) Surely, allowing such latitude in the way Biden presents himself and America in the countries he visits must result in a lessening of confidence in the American president and in the image of the US?

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I have to ask why recent and prevailing events that happened and are still happening in the world are ever allowed to happen.

The so-called leader of the free world; doddering Joe Biden is looking more like someone who should be in a care facility for physically and particularly mentally retarded people; so why on earth did the American people; particularly those at the top of the power pyramid allow this catastrophic state of affairs to happen?

China, under President Chi; after presiding over an economic miracle that produced enormous growth in its economy is now sliding down just as fast as it went-up as its one child policy had a disastrous effect on its industrial and commercial production. The persistent grip with which it controls the Chinese people’ from cradle to grave is not helping either and the young people in China are becoming increasingly militant in their protest actions; which can only result in more autocratic rule which can only lead to more bloodshed and a deteriorating quality of life.

This theme will be continued in updates to this post – so watch this space!

Concerning the elections; my feeling right now is as follows:

Scenario 1 – a long shot but hopefully; judging by the general sentiment in South Africa is that the majority is totally GATVOL WITH THE ANC (70% at the last poll) and therefore John Steenhuizen (Shitshot Johnnie as Warrafak Colyn calls him) and his cohort of assorted parties will succeed in getting the criminal gangsters in the ANC out of power with 50% plus of the vote. Admittedly this is a dream scenario, but with the ANC making bigger and bigger disastrous decisions every day, IT MIGHT JUST HAPPEN. However, even if that miracle does come to pass, it will take decades for the country to revert to even a semblance of recovery

Scenario 2 – the ANC gets in again with a small majority. However, by then they will have even less support and the opposition parties will have become stronger and more vociferous, which can only be an improvement on the present freefall situation.

Scenario 3: If neither of these 2 scenarios take place; there will be some kind of hodge podge collection of parties all vying for places in coaltions. It will be a FREE FOR ALL AND WE WILL ALL SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES, tthe criminal syndicates will gain power, crime and violence will escalate even further, more businesses will go under and the ANC over time. will gradually disappear from the scene.

One thing for sure is that the ANC will never give up on their policy of protecting their struggle heroes, patronism and protecting the cadres at all costs because that policy is the foundation stone of their whole existence. The only reason why they are still in power as the sold voter base in the rural areas; where the old guard who still believe in the ANC still hold sway. Only when those ancient struggle heroes die off will they finally lose power altogether.

All in all; personally speaking, the idea of retiring to a life on the move; travelling at will in a very nice camper van, working from home in our van; relatively free from all the incompetency, lawlessness and greed; living totally off the grid is looking more and more appealing by the day! FREEDOM! I LOVE IT!

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