There is a concerted effort to strike at the heart of South Africa and bring it to a standstill. The no confidence lobby against Ramaphosa is entirely justified. The rail network is close to collapsing. That will bring more pressure on the road transport system. WHAT IS NEEDED IS A CONCERTED EFFORT TO CURB TWO PRIME EVILS – CORRUPTION AND CADRE PROTECTION. – and the ANC is not up to the job.

The ANC is still waffling on about THE STRUGGLE, THE REVOLUTION AND CADRES. When are they going to get the picture that struggle politics is no longer viable in South Africa.

There is a new revolution brewing. It is no longer about removing the legacy of Apartheid. If the ANC has been unable to vanquish that enemy in the last 27 years, it is clearly a pointless quest that has outlived its usefulness.

THE REAL ENEMIES WE FACE ARE INCOMPETENT GOVERNMENT, CRIME, CONTINUING COSETTING OF ANC CADRES AND THEIR FAMILIES INSUFFICIENT VACCINATION AGAINST COVID, POVERTY AND SABOTAGE! Ramaphosa – you need to get off your soapbox, stop waffling to the world at large and start tackling the real realities we face as a country.

Despite the admirable presentation of our country in the current showcase in Dubai all the dancing, flag waving and presentation of South as a desirable destination for tourism and investment; is all useless unless we, as a country face the real realities that are eating away at our economy and our very survival.

The big question is – will South Africa even reach 2024; as the growing level of insurrection due to extreme dissatisfaction with the way the country is being run points towards another uprising that will make the looting, damage to property and loss of lives in july 2021 look like a picnic! We need a new government! Perhaps a national referendum might be the answer??

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