Who is pulling the strings? – that is the question.

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Is he simply a loyal cadre doing what he is told to by his ANC puppeteers or is he simply finding ways to steal more from us, the taxpayers? Will he one day just disappear to an unknown destination to enjoy his ill – gotten gains? – lETS’ HOPE FOR THAT!

Is his apparent jolly friendship with Russian President, Putin with lots of money, minerals, oil, grain etc attached, indicative of his continued willing participation in the friendship or is Cyril progressively and unwittingly being sucked into a debt trap he and South Africa will never get out of?

One thing is patently obvious and that is that OUR FIIP-FLOPPING PRESIDENT DOESN’T GIVE A D…MN ABOUT HIS PEOPLE!

On another subject; apparently there is talk from government about INCREASING VAT TO 18%Wragtig, is hulle mal!

(Sorry! I am so angry that I lapsed into Afrikaans for a moment)

ISN’T THE ANC ALREADY IN ENOUGH TROUBLE with loadshedding at stage 6 that they would even consider such a step? Are they so desperate to keep the cadres in; fashion statement ethnic headdresses, limousines and earning gigantic salaries that they would do that?

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What they should be doing is to fire three-quarters of the members of parliament who sit and fall asleep in the chamber while matters of state are being debated. The cost to the economy of giving sheltered employment to such useless leeches is one of the major blockages that are holding the country back!

Now comes the question of the increasing anarchy that is rapidly taking hold across the whole of our country. Trucks are being burnt, electricity pylons fall over because the metal infrastructure that holds them up is being stolen. In Bloemfontein anarchistic partying students invaded private homes while drunk or drugged out of their skulls.

The energy crisis will never end until the useless cadres in the ANC are removed from office. Many small to medium businesses are being closed because the cost of running a generator is crippling them.

Could it be that the governing party is deliberately turning a blind eye to such dangerous and criminal activities because its intention is to destabilise the country to such a degree that there will soon be a total collapse of the economy, the power grid and all the other institutions that hold the country together. Why would they do that? – perhaps because they realise that South Africa is already a failed state and they have already done a deal with a totalitarian socialist or communist state like Russia or China that will then step-in and stop the anarchistic behaviour and take over government.

If that is the case, and such a disaster comes to pass, then we might as well resign ourselves to a future of serfdom that will follow where; to quote the slogan that the WEF has adopted – everyone will own nothing and will be happy . Seriously, is that what you want?

The way things are going; I, for one; am coming around to the idea that South Africa should increasingly ally themselves to and collaborate with the BRICS countries; particularly in light of the recent entry of powerful new members into BRICS; that are in a dominant position, by virtue of holding the world’s largest oil reserves – in countries such as Iran, the UAE and Saudi Arabia – It seems that that would be an exceptionally good idea!

That way, South Africa would be able to perhaps regain some of the standing in the world it had before 1994, by being part of a bloc that will be capable of standing up to the West, who until recent years have exercised hegemony and US Dollar domination; spearheaded by the UK and the US in particular; as well as because of its dangerous association with the WEF’S ‘GREAT RESET‘ AMBITIONS. (The conspiracy theorists will tell you that Great Reset supporters intend to ‘eliminate 60% of the world’s population in the near future) What a scary thought! My advice is: don’t submit to any injections if you can avoid it; grow your own vegetables, be very careful of what you eat and avoid ‘plastic’ processed foods if you can!

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The other occurrence that is clearly of great significance for the Western Cape is the recent poll organised by the Cape Exit organisation who recently ran a poll to collect data on the amount of support for changing the Western Cape into a separate country, with its own judiciary, power supply system, police force and so on. The results of the poll showed that there was substantial support for the change.

Of course; on top of the large number of people who have recently moved to the Western Cape; should the secession of the Cape Province take place; assisted by an envisaged referendum, as part of the June 2024 national election; then there will certainly be an additional flight from other regions into the Western Cope.; since it is common knowledge that the Western Cape under the DA is run far better than all other provinces. Consequently, quite stringent conditions for being allowed into what will then be a new country will have to be put in place, so as to prevent unsuitable immigrants from coming into the area.

The South African Burgerlike Beskerming organisation (SBB) under the leadership of Wynand Du Toit has undertaken to protect non-black citizens in this country from being killed, tortured or injured by black youth on the rampage; intent on breaking, stealing and killing. They are being driven to take such actions because they cannot get jobs; their families are starving and driven by rabble rousing politicians like Julius Malema they don’t know what to do, so they follow his directives. (notably his chanting of the slogan “Kill the boer, kill the farmer.” ) This is particularly disturbing in light of the prevalence of savage farm attacks in recent times.

Wynand is in the process of setting up camps in areas like Upington where people in minority groups can find protection from the black masses should civil war and mass anarchy break out in the country. I have to wonder though whether concentrating on protecting people in small areas under protection of ex-army soldiers will really work. or whether stubborn home and business owners will instead opt to defend themselves against the onslaught in their own areas. Wynand is adamantly opposed to that approach; saying that when the sh … t really hits the fan all personal lives and property will be occupied or destroyed; and that if citizens leave it too late to take shelter with SBB then tragedy will result. I can only hope that a better solution will be found for us South Africans than that warlike scenario.

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