The best scenario, looking forward towards December is as follows:

It seems that there is a strong chance that we will have a new president, come December.

Brace yourselves Mzansi because:

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The best option seems to be a coalition government for South africa. This could provide much needed stability in the country, as we will hopefully, then have a more balanced leadership structure in place; with a far more democratic outlook; which will stabilise the economy, create more jobs and replace the totalitarian dispensation we have right now, with its emphasis on cadre deployment, nepotism, BEE and vast amounts of corruption that is rotting the country from the topmost echelons down to the poorest of the poor; and getting worse daily; with something far more effective.

Much worse would be an ANC government that is hell bent on maintaining the so-called “revolutionary”, populist cadre-driven government; spearheaded by the likes of ex- president Zuma (supposed to be in jail), Ace Magashule and so on … GOD HELP US ALL! who persist on popularising the top down, totally undemocratic, unconstitutional agenda that over the last 27 years has been destroying our country.

Julius Malema, although popular among the youth and the more radical elements in tha ANC has no plan for running the country; with a policy; if you can call it that of profiting from disruption; for example the Clicks debacle; and overall just talking about siezing land and assets and redistributing such assets and land back to the people, who will then have to pay rent back to the government; a blatantly communist agenda; if ever there was one.

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(By the way; it has clearly been demonstrated that pure communism is pure fiction; as evinced by then removal of the Berlin wall; the reason being that humans; by their very nature will always compete with each other and the most resourceful and talented people will always come out on top; no matter what)

It also seems clear that KZN; the stronghold of the ANC is showing massive support for that party; and that Ramaphosa has blotted his copybook very badly in that province; so it seems unlikely that he will serve another term as president.

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