Don’t close the beaches. The practice of cramming swimmers into a very small area, bounded by flags is fine for normal times but disastrous in the face of #Covid infection. Cramming people together, who are not wearing masks; whether in the water or out, is inviting the virus to infect and spread.

I am convinced that under the present circumstances, the virus will kill more people than the combined threats of dangerous currents and sharks. The #lifesavers instead of herding people into a confined area should rather concentrate on giving beachgoers ample warning of these other hazards and try to discourage dangerous behaviours by patrolling the general area, using drones if they have them, and putting up extensive signage. The beachgoers need to be educated on how to protect themselves, using their COMMON SENSE and sense of responsibility for their own and their children’s safety.

Closing the beaches will:

1 Force the holidaymakers to pack themselves into indoor venues particularly #taverns! with poor ventilation, where patrons drink excessively abandon mask wearing, and generally act like lunatics with no consideration for others.

#Close the taverns! – except for takeaways.

and the infection rate will drop immediately! People can drink much more safely at venues where anti-Covid regulations are observed or have a braai with your family in safety at your holiday venue.

2 Have a disastrous effect on income from holiday visitors to coastal towns; thus causing more unemployment and misery to local people.

It is only common sense to realise that the beach is the safest place to be in the pandemic. There is often a breeze which dissipates the concentration of the microbes in the air, thus dramatically lowering the chance of contracting Covid if YOU STEER CLEAR OF CROWDS!

Don’t be a fool and go onto the beach and then huddle together in a crowd; not wearing masks, and drink like a fish. That’s STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!

Enjoy being in the open air with your family and close friends in this wonderful time of the year, but be cautious!

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