It’s no wonder that #the South Coast had a poor 2018/2019 holiday season in terms of numbers of visitors. and income produced for the area which is sorely needed, to allow local traders to benefit.

My wife and I recently arrived in the South Coast after living in the Overberg area for some time. We lived in a sleepy little town called Napier where not much happens, which suits local residents.

The South Coast has traditionally been a booming area providing #holiday fun and well priced facilities to #holidaymakers, mainly from Gauteng. However, talking to local residents and traders in the Melville and Margate areas (We have just moved from Melville to Margate) we gather that the season just passed was bad news for local traders.

From personal experience in the past couple of months here are my observations which glaringly illustrate why there has been a drop in trade:

* #potholes everywhere – a serious threat to motorists

* lack-a-daisical/’couldn’t care less” attitude from service providers e.g. restaurants, and very mediocre food. Waiters are surly and inefficient.

  • no consideration for looking after a client’s possessions: We have a small hole in the door of our brand new fridge, plus tears in the back of our sleeper couch plus their rubbish dumped on our driveway, without permission (when we used a local removal person to transport our stuff), no apology. Nothing!! we have lodged a complaint with the removers and the response we got was just “sorry”; no offers for compensation were made. From there on – a deafening silence. It seems to us as if the local service providers in KZN South’s attitude is just: ‘Sorry. take or leave it! This is the South Coast. “

Do these people have no ambition to improve their businesses or improve standards??

  • Shabby looking properties, with scant attempt to maintain their valuable investments.
  • Beggars are a constant menace and irritation. Yesterday my wife had her car kicked by a child who was begging, when she refused to hand over money. Surely he should have been in school. I blame the parents not the child. (by the way, we do support such people who are obviously suffering, but selectively. I believe sch contributions are a privilege not a right.
  • rubbish lying everywhere.

Such instances do not enhance either the image or the profitability of the area.

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