Whoopee do! Now the economy will collapse; the ANC cadres will stop draining the country’s coffers and resources. There will be no more BEE. Just like in Zimbabwe, people will be taking wheelbarrows full of cash to the supermarkets to buy groceries. The capable people who are keeping the economy going will leave the country in droves. The Reserve Bank will collapse. The Rand will drop in value like a stone. The farmers will stop farming and will only grow enough to feed themselves. The rest of us will go hungry and there will be a flight of capital to other countries that are more stable.

BUT – maybe there will be a brighter side! –


There will no longer be a central government so groupings of people will stand together; conserve their resources and rebuild life in local areas or provinces.

Local citizen militias will be formed so families can be protected from Malema’s ‘cannon fodder SASSA generation thugs; They will be assisted by Apartheid era ex-military men who actually know how to protect people and fight criminals and looters – plus able -bodied men and women who will muster all their efforts to stop wholesale anarchy in our country.

South Africa will then be able to progressively transform into a federal type society, run on truly Democratic Capitalistic lines where the FREE MARKET WILL RULE and all citizens will have a say in how things are run!

The ANC cadres will be put out to pasture where they belong!

photo of three soldiers
Photo by Rosemary Ketchum on Pexels.com

The Cape province will secede from the rest of the country and form a new society free from the restrictions of central government – THEY WILL FORM A NEW COUNTRY! because THERE WILL BE NO ONE LEFT TO STOP THEM!

Desperate people will pour into the Cape – They are already doing so – because they will know that that is their only hope of survival. Unfortunately, I believe that the local Cape government that will be formed will be forced to place restrictions on people from KZN, Gauteng and Eastern Cape who want to immigrate into the Cape and will overwhelm the facilities in the area and the NEW COUNTRY THAT WAS FORMED will deteriorate.

Clearly, there will be no election in 2024 because the ANC will find ways to stop it because if an election happens THEY WILL LOSE!


  1. Renounce cadre deployment and BBBEE – Very unlikely because that will completely destroy their electoral base – Result, they lose the election.
  2. Print more money – Everyone knows that that way, there will be no capital resources to back up the increased cash in the economy – that clearly leads to the wheelbarrows full of cash scenario.
  3. Tax the upper echelon super-rich – Result – flight of skills, and entrepreneurship and capital; closure of banks and collapse of the corporate sector, flight of foreign investment.
  4. Pay the cadres less – very unlikely because the ANC’s top priority is and has always been keeping the cadres happy.
  5. Go cap in hand to Putin or BRICS and ask for money to bail South Africa out – unlikely to happen because those countries are now wise to the South African government’s incompetence and greed, and therefore will demand extremely unfavourable conditions for the loan, so the money can’t go to the cadres; and the end result will then be the complete take-over of the FAILED STATE – South Africa – to recoup the loan.

Now; we have no option but to wait with bated breath to find out what hare-brained solution our fence sitting, flip flopping president will present to the nation. Well, at least we can have a laugh!

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