No question! I don’t know who is dumber – Steenhuizen, leader of the DA official opposition party and kingpin of the Multiparty Opposition Alliance? or our useless Puppet President of the ANC, Ramaphosa.

Does “Shitshot Johnny” as Colyn Serfontein (otherwise known as “Warrafak” disparagingly calls him really think that calling for A PRESIDENTIAL COMMISSION is going to solve the problem of the 100000 containers on container ships waiting to offload and onload containers? and even if the railway tracks by some miracle can be repaired, there is no electricity to drive the trains because the copper wires that carry the electricity have been STOLEN.

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Now, in desperation, Ramaphosa who denies speculation that the country’s SEOs are soon to be converted to private sector management is planning to replace the present management of sections of Transnet with private sector management; but that overall, the SA government will continue to own all the SOEs. DREAM-ON MR PRESIDENT!

The government has no money to fix the damage that has been done during the last 30 years, so the only hope the ANC has is to go to the private sector – (YES! THE WHITE MINORITY CAPITAL PEOPLE THAT MALEMA IS ALWAYS BLATHERING AND COMPLAINING ABOUT WILL BE THE ONES WHO WILL HAVE TO SAVE US!) for assistance financially, as well as to enlist the services of a group of experts; no matter what race they happen to belong to; (which is completely immaterial), who together can come up with concrete plans to stop the rot, the stealing, the damage still continuing to be done to the infrastructure of our country and restore law and order, and put the cadre criminals in jail where they belong; instead of listening to the total garbage that our so-called president keep spewing out. Surely, by now the blinkers must have come off the eyes of a large enough portion of the electorate, so they can see that Cyril’s only interest is to keep his fellow cadres, their buddies and families fat and flourishing?

What he and all the other cadre flunkies have still failed to acknowledge is that during the last 30 years, THE ANC has F&*%D – UP everything they have touched. They have managed to totally destroy the very successful country that was the envy of the rest of the world and they will continue turning IT MORE AND MORE into a BANANA REPUBLIC until it is either totally destroyed, or it will simply crumble into a pile of useless ashes, ready to be plundered for its minerals by whichever country gets to it first.

The SASSA GENERATION that the ANC created; the completely USELESS YOUTH who have no education (most of them who have reached what used to be called Standard 8 are unable to read English), no job, no income except for grants, have never experienced the horrors of war, to skills or training; are only capable of making babies; thus clogging-up the hospital system, drinking, taking drugs or destroying property. In other words, they are of no use to anyone.

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The only hope that I and the rest of the population has is to hope that enough of the population who have more than one brain cell will finally realise that they backed the wrong horse in 1994, and that they should get some guts and stop lying to themselves and those around them because the time has come to fire all the useless cadres/criminals who are supposed to be running the country and put a group of people into power who have integrity and are ready to SERVE! the population and bring it back to what it was in 1994 and before that.


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