The only state of disaster in this country is the greedy bloodsucking ANC cadres whose only mission in life is to find new ways to bamboozle the public into thinking that …

The ANC it trying their best to save us.

There is no corruption at ESKOM

The cadres are not sharing the one brain cell they have between them

No one is sabotaging ESKOM

The cheap inferior coal is not being used to fire ESKOMS furnaces; thus causing the power stations to fail and the good coal is not being sold off to the highest bidder to fatten the wallets of the cadres

There are no criminal syndicates running our country

The police echelon; headed by Cele are not in cahoots with criminals and selling confiscated weapons back to the criminals

The Phala Phala debacle is a figment of the public’s imagination – there was no money stashed in the sofa cushions, under orders from Rhamaphosa.

A rainbow forms on sofa

We will survive the energy crisis soon

South Africa is not degenerating into Zimbabwe/typical African style disintegration

The ANC will have an outright over 50% win in the 2024 elections

South Africa is not sliding more and more into a communist state, with the help of Russia and China

The ANC is not deliberately using social grants as a means to keep the majority poor and rural poor people trapped in a situation where they have to vote for the ANC, simply to stay alive

The list goes on and on; and I for one don’t understand how the majority of South African citizens are so lackadaisical that they accept all the abuse, poor quality of life, shocking living conditions, proliferation of disease, damage to our environmental natural assets, rampant crime and murder without taking to the streets in outright rage and violently protesting against all these abuses; HOPING THAT THINGS WILL TURN OUT ALRIGHT IN THE END ??? – THEY WONT!

Tape with 'Crime Scene do

Before too long; we will all be faced with a situation where there is hardly any food in the shops, no medicines for the sick, no transport to get to work (if you are lucky enough to get a job) – AND THIS WILL AFFECT ALL RACES, COLOURS CREEDS; EVEN THE SO-CALLED “PREVIOUSLY DISADVANTAGED”.

The only people who were previously disadvantaged were the poor and, for them; nothing much has changed. In fact many of those people say that they were better-off under the Apartheid Regime. Nowadays, the population in general are all disadvantaged; solely due to the extreme greed and corruption that flourishes today. This is only benefiting the super-rich, who are EXTREMELY ADVANTAGED; SPORTING LUXURY CARS, DESIGNER CLOTHING LIVING IN MANSIONS, TRAVELLING AROUND THE WQRLD. AND WASHING THEIR HANDS IN 15 YEAR OLD WHISKEY – WOULD YOU BELIEVE!

The other fairy story that the ANC is trying to pull over our eyes is that the so-called “cabinet reshuffle” that the ANC is promising the electorate will benefit the country by reducing corruption, improving service delivery BLA, BLA , BLA is also a complete scam designed to reassure the people that we still have a functioning, effective government in place; whereas, in reality, things are getting worse every day; and the new office bearers that will replace the “Moegoes” we have now will be just as useless and corrupt as their predecessors. The “fired” members will either be retired to enjoy their ill gotten gains elsewhere, or will be sent “upstairs” TO ENJOY A HIGHER POSITION IN THE HEIRARCHY WITH A SUBSTANTIAL INCREASE IN REMUNERATION. – AFTER ALL – EVERYONE WITH HALF A BRAIN KNOWS THAT CRIMINALITY IS REGARDED AS A BADGE OF HONOUR IN THE ANC.

The other group of citizens who are definitely guilty of feeding at the same trough as the ANC cadres are the wealthy business elite who are most certainly also benefiting from working hand -in-hand with the ANC cadres.

The problem for those taking advantage of the ANC corruption; who in fact are corrupt themselves, is that the reckless abandonment with which they squander taxpayers’ money will soon lead to the trough being empty and the result will be an exodus of such people, heading for foreign shores; leaving us behind to try and salvage what’s left of the country.

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