All of a sudden the governing party in our country is floundering about trying to convince the electorate that they are now going to wave a magic wand and repair the damage caused by crooked party leaders, regional office bearers and local municipalities; where municipalities are forced to close their offices due to lack of funding. The list of problems is endless!

They are encountering serious opposition from local resident leaders and residents who are totally gatvol with a cesspool of filth and disease and pathetic attempts to educate their children who have to sit in a classroom with no roof, make use of a pit latrine; having no food in their bellies because of unemployment and walk to school in a sea of mud and foul water, often contaminated by foeces.

Whole families lose all their meagre possessions or lose lives caused by having their houses burnt down due to overcrowded townships. Community leaders in some instances, when being interviewed by ANC leaders, who are doing ‘walkabouts’, state bluntly that they are encouraging residents NOT TO VOTE in the elections because NOTHING IS DONE!

I have noticed that the EFF and the ANC appear to moving closer to each other in terms of their political stances. This could be dangerous for the country because it indicates a common belief that moving towards a more socialist agenda is a good idea.. Taking available government and land owned by farmers and and leasing it to the poor and allegedly dispossessed, instead of providing them with ownership rights turned out to be a disastrous move in Zimbabwe; culminating in the authorities begging the previous owners to take the land back which was treating with disdain by the the former farmers was another failure and the country is still reaping the devastating results of this move.

I notice that the news media are giving lots of coverage to the fanciful speeches of political leaders to their followers (the party faithful) but are not giving much publicity to comments made by the citizens; particularly community leaders asking questions and demonstrating against failure to deliver services and the shocking conditions that prevail in cities, towns and particularly informal settlements. Once again, the electorate is being given loads of empty promises; but with little prospect of service delivery after the election. The whole process is nothing more than a huge cover-up of the complete failure of the ANC to run the country.

The central problem that the ANC has is its complete failure to convert itself from persisting with its struggle mindset and instead convert to a developmental mindset that will uplift poorer communities, create desperately needed employment and transform the disastrous situation the country finds itself in, fire-up the economy and stimulate the massive engine for growth and prosperity that is lying dormant or going rapidly backwards. The ANC must stop making speeches, dancing on podiums, handing out T shirts and food parcels, whining about the legacy of Apartheid a and start GETTING THINGS DONE; because if they don’t the DA, the smaller political parties and community leaders will do it for them leaving the ANC with EGG ON ITS FACE, once again.

The only party that can show concrete evidence of THE WORK THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE is the DA.


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