The state of the planet, as I see it is a complete disaster.

President Putin of Russia seems intent on world domination, as he has unleashed attacks on neighbouring Ukraine; and now Poland; where huge numbers of refugees are urgently needing humanitarian relief; He is reducing major cities in the Ukraine to piles of rubble. He has no regard for human loss of life, the wanton , complete destruction of once thriving neighbourhoods, ruthless uncaring destruction of families; causing a flood of evacuees across borders. He shows absolutely no concern for the damaging effects of this war on the rest of the world. Why should he care if millions of people go hungry?

In common with Hitler in World War 11 his motivation seems to be a lust for power, and a hunger for expanding Russia’s boundaries, no matter how that affects the rest of the world.

If he ignores the diplomatic efforts being made by Western leaders and governments to reach a fair, humanitarian solution as well as the increasing sanctions being instituted against Russia,t hen the Western allies will have no option but to band together and form a united front against this megalomaniac.

How on earth can Putin think that bombing cities to smithereens in countries adjacent to Russian territory; thus forcing thousands of people to become destitute refugees will help Russia to improve relations and encourage cooperation with them?

It is also mind boggling to see how our champion fence-sitting president is expressing South Africa’s support for Russia in this disastrous scenario. Does he really not understand how the Russian invasion threatens all mankind? He truly seems to be in a state of ‘Cloud Cuckooland’; even worse than usual. I used to listen to his Coved announcements, but of late I, normally an avid devourer of all forms of news, have lost interest in anything our ineffectual president has to say – and now, mostly, I just switch to another channel!

The good news, as I see it is that despite the plight of the refugees, the deaths and the obliteration of cities, the Ukranian military seem to be holding their own against the invaders. The population also seems to be determined to stop the invasion at all costs. The nation seems to be united in their determination to do everything they can to assist their fellow citizens, even unto death!

Because of this resistance against Russia’s bombing attacks; ominously, Putin seems to be considering trying a different approach; with the use of biological and chemical weapons.

I saw a report today that Biden, Pesident of the USA had referred publicly to Putin; calling him a ‘Butcher’ and Putin then responded, stating his intention to ‘escalate’ the onslaughts. Although I do agree with his characterisation of Putin, This move by Biden seems somewhat foolhardy, given the number of countries around the world who currently have nuclear weapons. Both these world leaders seem to be treating the conflict as some kind of video game, bluffing and counter bluffing each other; instead of treating it as a very real threat against the whole of mankind.

After the year we have had with ‘Black Lives matter,’ the riots in the US, culminating in the invasion of the Capitol Building; spurred-on by Donald Trump’s ridiculous attempt to derail the US Presidential Election; the overriding devastation caused by Covid 19 and the resultant worldwide economic downturn, this is surely not the time to recklessly flirt with the possibility of a Third World War??

Apart from all that, the summit on climate change in Davos Switzerland did not seem to achieve much in the way of a worldwide combined effort to stop the burgeoning spectacle of rising temperatures worldwide; with a resultant significant rise in sea levels around the world.


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