The UK Prime Minister #Boris Johnson is sowing complete confusion with this slogan. How can you stay alert to something you can’t see?

It seems to me that #a much better slogan would be “Stay Separate”!

I am 100% in favour of wearing masks in public places.

However, I am wondering about the US’s strategy about the beaches. Being a dedicated beachgoer myself, I can quite understand why beachgoers are reluctant to wear a facemask on the beach. The whole idea of going to the beach to my mind, is to enjoy the beach, to enjoy the freedom of being in the open air, in nature and if we handle it sensibly, I’m sure that observing social distancing should not be a problem, even without actually having a mask covering your nose and mouth, all the time, when no one else is within six feet of you.

If you are sitting close together, in a crowd it’s a very different story. You must wear a mask then; unless it’s just close family.

However, you don’t have to sit in a crowd to enjoy the beach. They are usually big enough to allow people to stay separate from one another. For example, Struisbaai beach, close to where we live is 14 kilometres long

Common sense is the key! Don’t put others in danger by failing to wear to wear a mask when you are close to other people; but use some common sense!

By all accounts, Corona virus can only be transmitted, person to person, if you are closer than six feet from them; so I am sure that you can’t infect anyone if you are walking your dog on a beach fifty feet or more away from all other human beings, not so?

If you want to see for yourself how far the virus can travel; next time you are in the front passenger seat, talking to the driver, just observe how far your saliva travels when you are speaking. You can actually see the saliva droplets flying from your mouth, as they are highlighted in the shaft of sunlight in front of you – definitely no more than six feet!

Mr Johnson – please revise your slogan!

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