A bit simplistic, you might say, but really; looking at news reports from around the world, one can distill all the waffle about Corona down to some really simple principles. Of course it’s a lot easier if you are a young person living in a more isolated area; however, the majority of us don’t have that priviledge.

It’s like “The emperor’s new clothes” – everyone raved about his fashionable attire, giving into group pressure, until someone had the guts to say “But he’s naked! The average man/woman in the street has to try and continue with normal life as much as possible, in spite of this ominous threat.

Even if you are infected, as long as you are healthy, with a #strong immune system you will experience the symptoms of a mild cold or flu for a few days and then you will be fine,

Here they are:

#Don’t panic. Panic causes stress in yourself and those around you and consequently lowers yours and other’s immunity.

#Stay at home as much as you can. Put yourself and family into ‘lockdown’. Work from home if you can.

#Avoid close contact with other people.

Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough.

Continue with a #healthy diet. Junk food will lower your immunity.

#Wash your hands a lot! for twenty seconds at a time.

Avoid travel if possible.

#Wear a facemask in public. #Wuhan and China in particular is showing this to be a potent weapon. The US is showing a growing conviction that mass wearing of masks works.

Don’t give in to the temptation to go out, just to relieve #cabin fever. We all experience this but it’s worthwhile to fight it.

This is a #wartime situation. Hang in there! The whole world is mobilising all its resources to fight this scourge and they will win. “All things must pass”. This will too!

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