John Steenhuizen, the leader of the Democratic Alliance, the official opposition party in South Africa has announced his intention to take legal action; through the United Nations, against both Malema and The ANC government. He cites three provisions in the United Nations Charter that have been violated by Malwa’s actions. Although Steenhuizen has his faults, and makes policy mistakes; unlike Ramaphosa of the ANC. he does not merely threaten to take action when necessary. He makes good on his promises. He did so, not so long ago when the DA brought a case against the ANC for pursuing the policy of cadre deployment AND WON!

Steenhuizen reminded us all that we should remember the time when, just before the national election that allowed the ANC to take the reins of power in South Africa, our country was facing the imminent threat of civil war. The 1994 election, although it resulted in the disastrous destruction wrought on the country, at the hands of the ANC in the next 30 years; did, at the time prevent a civil war from breaking out.

Now, while celebrating the 100-year celebration of the EFF’s existence, once again, Malema is showing his true colours by inciting extreme racial violence against, in particular white people, as well as other minorities in the country. His chanting of the slogan ‘Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer’ is clear evidence of his intention. This is nothing less than HIGH TREASON AND GENOCIDE; and he has gotten away with this kind of thuggery over and over.

The continuing numbers of farm murders in our country, to which the police and government are turning a ‘blind eye,’ shows that murder, torture and rape are becoming the norm in the country.

Elon Musk, in a tweet, asked why Cyril Ramaphosa is doing nothing about Malema’s treasonous actions at the stadium in Soweto! Now! – ask yourself why he would take such an action about something that happened in South Africa?

MALEMA IS PUSHING THE BLACK PEOPLE OF SOUTH AFRICA INTO A CIVIL WAR AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE IN SOUTH AFRICA! and Ramaphosa is doing nothing to stop him. and that failure to act against Malema and his SASSA GENERATION shows clearly that his intention is to destroy what’s left of South Africa’s economy and infrastructure.

Ramaphosa is taking instruction from his handlers in the UK and the US and the prize Russia and China on the one side and America on the other are after, is THE CAPE SEA ROUTE, which has enormous value for both combatant countries. Let’s just hope that doesn’t happen because South Africa will be trapped in the middle.

MALEMA IS NOTHING BUT A THUG, whose modus operandi is to overthrow our country by inciting violence, looting, murder and anarchy, so as to institute a communistic regime that will take over the majority of land in the country, as well as all nationalise all means of production, such as roads, railways, transport, including airlines, industry etc. He openly quotes Leninist, Marxist doctrine as his inspiration. He is a self-confessed admirer of President Xi of China and his policies and states his intention to take over the country by force if necessary. He says he is prepared to kill people who oppose him in that process.

The coinciding of Malema’s treasonous actions on Saturday with the intended visit of the war mongering female Victoria Nuland to South Africa does not bode well for the country. Allegedly, at the instigation of the US, she makes a habit of visiting countries that are allegedly going against anti-democratic principles; and INVARIABLY CIVIL WAR BREAKS OUT SOON AFTER THAT AND REGIME CHANGE FOLLOWS.

What Malema doesn’t seem to realise; (or maybe he just doesn’t care about it), is that the young black youth (SASSA GENERATION), who were so vocal in supporting him at the stadium on Saturday are the cannon fodder who will be the first to be mown down if war breaks out, just like in Marikana, they will be the bodies that will pile-up.

Malema is like a spoilt child trying to get attention. Although this suits his agenda in trying to stir up the up the population; especially the youth, so they will be so inspired by hisn performances that they will resort to violent insurrection, looting, burning of vehicles and building that the result will be a complete destruction of the countries infrastructure; nwhich will create a power vacuum; thus allowing the EFF to take over and run the country.

Putting this whole picture together, together with the build-up of hostility between various political parties, ahead of the election next year; the energy problem, which I fear is by no means over (just ask Andre De Ruiter about that), there is no doubt the South Africa is in DEEP TROUBLE!

One thing’s for sure – the ANC is not going to save us, so we all need to think very carefully; don’t ignore the election; and put your cross in the right place so our country can start repairing itself. We’d better start fixing things fast – because to all intents and purposes right now;


If the white conservative ex-military, boere portion of our population wants to take a stand against DIE SWART GEVAAR (YES! – THAT TERM SEEMS APPROPRIATE AGAIN NOW) THEY HAD BETTER START ORGANISING THAT RIGHT NOW! (especially as they seem to be the only viable opposition to our enemies at present).

Watch this space – More will follow!

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