By declaring the energy crisis a NATIONAL STATE OF DISASTER the ANC has shown us its true nature. It is beyond saving because as Marius Oosthuizen, a director of the World Energy Council says, the ruling party, under its Puppet President Ramaphosa has no insight into the problem that he and his useless money grubbing cadres have created. The whole lot of them actually need psychological counselling, but they would never resort to such a step because they are so blinded by their own vision of themselves, and having such gigantic egos, they cannot see their own flaws and they don’t want to be saved.

Whether one likes it or not; if one looks at what has transpired in the country since 1994 when the ANC took over, it is a fact that THE ANC , MAINLY DUE TO THEIR HORRENDOUS POLICIES OF CADRE DEPLOYMENT AND BEE HAVE TOTALLY DESTROYED WHAT USED TO BE AN AMAZING COUNTRY THAT WAS THE ENVY OF THE CIVILIZED WORLD.

ANC policies were and still are, based purely on the protection of the ANC so-called elite who have nothing to offer the country except selfishly maintaining the luxury lifestyles, wealth and assets of a very small group of people and their families and cronies who perpetuate the dubious theory that the so-called struggle heroes who played some part in the overthrow of APARTHEID were and still are entitled to steal from their people with impunity with no concern for what is happening to South Africa’s people.

THE GAME IS UP PEOPLE! We all know what you are up to! so no amount of platitudes and promises put out by our puppet president is going to change the fact that you have managed to pull the wool over the eyes of your country’s citizens for thirty years; but now the people actually know what is going on and they DON’T LIKE IT!

So, while you still can; gather up your ill gotten gains, and disappear quietly and let people who have some level of competence, capability and common sense take over and start the job of restoring South Africa to some form of progress and normality – THE PARTY IS OVER!

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The ANC is like an unrepentant alcoholic who cannot stop drinking because all the actions associated with his drinking are so ingrained that they cannot be overcome until he hits rock bottom. The ANC will never fix this country’s problems. Like “fees must fall,” the only way to remove them is for all South Africans to rise up and say: “THE ANC MUST GO!”

Unfortunately, because a large portion of our people; due to the ANC’s incompetence and greed, during the last 30 years, are now living below the breadline; those people now have very little hope of having A BETTER LIFE, as promised so often by Cyril and his predecessors; are trapped in a circle of poverty ; so their only hope of just surviving is to continue voting for the ANC, so as to continue receiving social grants for old age, disability, and having babies. WHAT A DISASTER IN A COUNTRY THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE DEMOCRATIC – DEMOCRATIC MY ARSE! EVEN COMMUNISM WOULD BE BETTER THAN THAT!

The last time a National State of Disaster was declared, it unleashed a frenzy of looting of the public’s coffers, the like of which had never been seen before.

The DA is already in court in an attempt to declare the Disaster Management Act unconstitutional, and now this latest disastrous action by Ramaphosa has prompted the DA to go into court to fight it. The problem is that there seems to be a growing feeling that the judiciary is not as squeaky clean as it is supposed to be. Its purported independence; like everything else I fear, can probably become poisoned by greed if the bribe is big enough.

The sad part about all this is that the very people who loyally supported the ANC throughout its numerous blunders; the struggle cadres, are saddened by what is happening because the ANC’s actions have caused them to realise that that the ANC, like the alcoholic, is now abusing its own people’s public resources and public trust.

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The big questions now are; firstly, what will happen after the ANC has failed to secure the 50% majority it needs to stay in power on its own. Secondly, could a coalition between the ANC and the DA really work?

Some commentators are saying that; given the fact that the DA has shown itself to be extremely competent at administrating certain areas; particularly the Western Cape; that if the ANC will allow the DA to run the administration of the country, then the ANC can remain in power as the figurehead; and then, hopefully, the DA can restore the fundamental systems that are currently in a state of collapse, such as the power generation, reduce criminality and poverty and restore some semblance of growth in the economy, lessen unemployment and produce overall recovery and wellbeing for the citizens OVER TIME.

That’s a very big ask indeed, and it is questionable whether the ANC will be able to resist the temptation to meddle in the DA’s running of the administration if such an agreement between the two major players could come to pass.

To my mind, the smaller players such as Action SA, The EFF, Freedom Front Plus, the Good Party, The Patriotic Front and all the other “Rats and Mice”, can only have nuisance value and will not affect the overall outcome.

All of us who are merely taxpayers, business owners, administrators and the workers who form the backbone that keep the country going are not in a position to sway these outcomes; except perhaps through the ballot box can only cross our fingers and hope for the best!

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