There is a huge loophole in the regulations and laws regarding what political parties are allowed to do to promote their parties’ chances in elections.

As members of the South African electorate – don’t allow yourself to be bribed by:

BUSSED-IN CROWDS at election rallies

Gifts of:

Food parcels


Unbelievably! AT AN EFF RALLY, THE KING OF THE LOCAL TRIBE WAS GIFTED WITH A LUXURY CAR and then proceeded to boast about it to the assembled crowd of EFF supporters. This is outright bribery to get votes! Are the poorer masses in our country so desperate for anything that is FREE, that they don’t realise that there are larger issues at stake here than “freebies”? Are they making their election choices based on such “gifts” rather than their future prospects for themselves and their families of receiving:


Would they rather listen to these shallow promises and gifts by the ruling party and the EFF than vote for a party that takes Service Delivery seriously?

Cyril Ramaphosa is speechifying about the local launch of a manufacturing unit for the Toyota Corolla Cross as I write. Surely one must be suspicious about the timing of this event – just 5 days before the polls? Just another perfectly timed election strategy.

My questions about that are:

How many jobs is it going to create? – Is it another project that the government is financially involved in? or another SOE?

I believe that no project that Ramaphosa or other members of the ANC TOP 6 are involved in are purely altruistic in nature. Sure as anything, there is a profit motive for those guys in there somewhere?

When are they going to realise that the future of this country does not lie in celebrating the overcoming of the evils of Apartheid, trumpeting the achievements of the ANC and promising transformation when anyone with half an eye can clearly see that:

  1. BEE EEEEEEEE … ad infinitem has failed miserably
  2. Cadre deployment has achieved nothing but misery; for the poorer members of our society who have to watch high ranking members of the ruling party and councillors parading around in the latest fashions, taking frequent trips overseas drive around wasting our precious petrol in nothing less than BMWs, go to the best private schools etc; while the vast majority wallow in poverty, with no water no electricity, no sewage and no waste removal; and their children and grandchildren have to hope to at least get a school lunch, as that is the only way they can avoid starvation.

Don’t play the ANC’s game – shake off the shackles of the past and vote for a party that will give you the tools to achieve real transformation and transform the townships into the engines for growth and prosperity they should be – not the ANCs fake vision that has not worked for 27 years – so why should it work this time round!

Open Your Eyes and vote for the Future! Monday!

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