First came Covid 19 in 2020; highly controversial; still plenty of question marks about issues like where did it originate from, did the vaccines really work; the vast amount of corruption regarding vaccine supply and other misdeeds; were many deaths caused by underlying conditions, or was it all just a huge hoax? The last possibility must be rejected outright, though, due to the many grieving fathers, mothers, spouses and children who had harrowing experiences of having to watch their loved ones die from Covid or complications therefrom; often without EVEN BEING ABLE TO SAY GOODBYE because of quarantine restrictions.

My partner and I experienced just such an event with the death in hospital of her mother – and the exact cause of her death is still a mystery, as the medical practitioners are very good at covering such things up! How dare the sceptics allege that there was no such thing as Covid!

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Then came the energy crisis, which most of us are still suffering under; and I don’t care what anybody says – the blame for this disaster which started decades ago, must be laid squarely on the ANC and their many co-conspirators, in both the public and private sector; and this deep-seated corruption still persists today. WHEN ARE THE ANC CADRES GOING TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE HEINOUS CRIMES THEY COMMITTED BY FAILING TO MAINTAIN THE AILING COAL FIRED POWER STATIONS BECAUSE INSTEAD, THEY WERE POURING MILLIONS INTO THEIR OWN POCKETS?

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By the way; don’t think for one moment that green initiatives alone can solve our country’s energy problem. Surely anyone with plain common sense should realise that a combination of fossil fuel, nuclear and green sources of energy should be employed to solve this planet- wide problem!


I believe that those wealthy businessmen have been working hand in glove with the ANC Cadres for a very long time, SKIMMING THE CREAM OFF THE TOP OF THE ECONOMY; purely for their own personal benefit.

The ANC cadres need to wake up and realise that they have already lost the 2024 election because of the dumb way they have been handling and are still handling the energy crisis. They are still following the lead of their president, who is the dumbest of all by pursuing a green energy agenda, without even thinking about getting some real qualified engineering experts on board who can take effective steps to solve the problem, instead of just following the lead given to them by the Americans under doddering Biden and the UK; who also think that green energy alone is the only way to save the world. Converting ageing coal fired to nuclear operation; in tandem with maintaining the healthier coal fired plants; together with gradually introducing nuclear operations and some development of green options such as solar and wind power must surely be the right way to go!

The problem we face as a country is how to develop these various options while still allowing the cadres to EAT!

Now, I hear that someone named VICTORIA NULAND, who allegedly was responsible for stoking the fires of war, ahead of the wars in Afghanistan, Korea and Ukraine; wars in which millions of people died. She is a well-known, well-connected warmonger who claims to represent the interests of democracy on behalf of so-called democratic countries such as the UK and the USA. Apparently, she is coming to visit South Africa to foment a REVOLUTION; thus leading to regime change. According to Roman of the news media channel Morning Shot; Ms Nuland usually succeeds in her endeavours to stir up the right people; thus contributing to the outbreak of war in the countries she targets. WHERE NULAND GOES – REGIME CHANGE FOLLOWS.

The two presenters of Morning Shot, Roman and Barend have expressed their opinion that although they certainly do not want a civil war to break out in South Africa, that perhaps if there were some kind of insurrection similar to what happened in 2021, , mainly in KZN, were to happen again; that perhaps that wouldn’t be such a bad thing if it were to lead to the ANC being kicked out of power; because right now, given what is happening in South Africa; a nation in crisis, a regime change could only lead to improvement.

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Getting closer to home; It was shocking to see the way conditions are deteriorating in the Mother City, Cape Town: Hordes of beggars and homeless people camping out in the grounds of the Castle, on the Foreshore. Cape Town; once the pride of our country for tourists from all over the world, seems to be deteriorating into a cesspool. I have it on good authority that one cannot walk 200 metres down the street in central Cape Town without being accosted by a beggar.

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FELLOW SOUTH AFRICANS (as Cyril always says before he tells us all the latest pack of lies; WE NEED TO GET RID OF THAT PACK OF “MONKEYS” sleeping in parliament before these nothing left of our beautiful country!

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