Surely, we as a country have enough on our plates to deal with, without being caught up in a squabble about black women’s hair? Why must everything be brought down to racism? So what if black women’s hair has a different texture to that of white women. A lot of women, and men, for that matter, would love to have curly black hair. The issue would surely be better served by focusing on keeping one’s hair healthy and lustrous!, no matter what colour or racial group you belong to? I am sure that there are plenty of blonde, white-skinned women who would prefer to have differently textured hair or a different skin tone than the one they are blessed with. Why obsess about it. Just make a change. It’s easy enough!

We are all different from one another; and thank goodness for that. Imagine how boring life would be if we all looked and acted in exactly the same way. It’s our diversity that makes people and life interesting and exciting.

Why must humans as a species, always focus on the negative stereotypes of other races. It’s such a waste of time! All the races in the world have negative and positive characteristics. No person, nor any race is perfect. No race is better than another.

As regards Clicks; clearly their advertising staff made a mistake. If you, as company is selling a huge range of hair products, why denigrate one type of hair, in a racially discriminate way, as compared with that of a different racial group, and equally clearly, disciplinary action should be taken against the culprits. However the stupid part is that Clicks are discriminating against their own black staff, of which +- 70% are black – how dumb is that!

Get over it! Take the necessary action and then drop the subject. Don’t try and shut down a whole range of stores that provides a wide range of services to the public; of which a large portion are black, to make a racially based point. The economy is in such trouble already, without shutting down more industries and stores to score political points.

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