It seems that the rapid growth in technology, the advent of the Internet and the incredible growth of social media has addled people’s brains. All respect for authority, the Rule of Law, the judiciary, parental leadership and guidance is disappearing fast!

All that seems to matter these days is getting one’s name onto the Web by making the most outrageous claims that have an almost non-existent relationship with facts; just to boost individuals’ egos. Are such people so insecure that they go to the utmost lengths to GO VIRAL AT ANY COST! There are real issues in the world that trump the personal concerns of individuals by miles. For example:

Global warming, mainly driven by carbon emissions is real! – although many will deny it.

SOUTH AFRICA IS IN THE TOILET; financially, ethically, in the sporting arena, in terms of tourism etc.

Covid 19 globally, in all its variances is in control of our world; is very far from being conquered and the only way it can be beaten is by means of world-wide collaboration to get at least 70% of global population vaccinated. Anti-Vaxers are preventing saner people on our planet from protecting the world against Covid in all its forms. They continually complain about losing their individual human rights.

What about the rights of people they are in contact with every day who are at risk as Covid continues to reinvent itself through continual new variants – and these new variants are encouraged to wreak havoc because of the selfish nonsensical utterances of these CRIMINALS WHO ARE THREATENING ALL MANKIND’S LIVELIHOODS, LIVES AND SURVIVAL, DUE TO THESE SELFISH INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE SET ON PROJECTING THEIR OWN EGOS AT THE EXPENSE OF OTHERS!

Individual egos dictate that it is one’s human right to express oneself; and one’s opinions, no matter how infantile or stupid or selfish they are, and oppose anything that smacks of authority or that takes away one’s freedom of speech or action.

Populism seems to be all-powerful; even if it makes heroes of people who have no sense of the results of their idiotic utterances and opinions and are totally unaware of the negative; sometimes life-threatening effects of same on people who simply want to live their lives well without fanfare or acclaim, in harmony with others around them.

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