Amazingly! in the EFF’s latest protest, for the first time, in my opinion, they are expressing outrage about relevant and important issues; being #GBV and the government’s abject failure to tackle issues such as poverty, water supply to the townships, hunger and in particular, crime and corruption.

The ruling party in our country, the ANC and the party in opposition, the DA, had better watch out because if the latest shift in the EFF’s message continues, and they move away somewhat from promoting racism and appropriation of land, they may be setting themselves up as a more relevant opposition to the ANC than we have seen so far. If they play their cards right, they can ride the wave of expressing the mass of the population’s extremely relevant and urgent discontent about failing to deal with essential issues – all the way to taking over the reigns of government of our country in the next election.

I have never been a supporter of the EFF’s relentless stand on land issues, aggressive racism with their vicious attacks on white people, communistic utterances and destruction of property, but this shift in their image may work extremely well for them. The other thing that they seem to have got right is stating that it is no use attempting to curb the catastrophic effects of the #Corona virus without simultaneously aggressively, tackling the abovementioned problems of poverty, inadequate water supply to townships, unemployment and crime.

It seems that the ANC is losing its way on several fronts; the main one being its focusing on maintaining internal party unity instead of finding ways to rebuild the economy in the face of the Covid 19 storm. The governing party always puts the ANC party first over everything else, instead of putting its people front and centre. Singing and dancing on stages, trumpeting party slogans and attacking the historic errors of Apartheid can only take you so far.

Judge Zondo’s commission interrogating state capture is doing a great job. I just hope that the commission will be allowed to complete its job despite the efforts by ex-president Zuma to derail the process. (clearly the main motive for this is to keep himself out of jail) All power to the commission! Keep probing because the outcome should be getting the corruptors behind bars, instead of allowing them to continue stealing the people’s money!

The people of our country are demanding answers to much more relevant issues such as poverty, health care and crime and an urgent need to dismantle SAA and put the money saved to better use; and if the Anc does not have answers for those problems the writing is on the wall and the ANC will fall, sooner or later.

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