I certainly do not profess to be an IT or internet or #social media guru; far from it, but in the business my partner and I are in, namely #proofreading and editing, it is important for us to have at least a working knowledge of such. So I would like to pass on my experiences of what I found to be a very confusing and frustrating subject; namely SEO – #Search Engine Optimisation. I think whoever dreamt up that name was a great believer in the saying #’bull **** baffles brains.

I have consulted numerous sources to find out how to make SEO work, and after much ‘digging’ I came to the conclusion that so called SEO experts are very good at the business of making money, but not so good at making SEO do what it is supposed to do, which is to drive ‘traffic’ to a website, and more importantly, to secure paid business for the owners of the site. As far as I am concerned, a website can be pretty as a picture; it can look hugely impressive, be user friendly etc but if it does not make money it is a huge waste of money and time for the business owner who invests in the site.

I managed to find an extremely nice, extremely professional website builder; named WeaverWorx who listened to all our requirements and built us a beautiful site with all the ‘bells and whistles’ we needed at a very reasonable price, which included hosting for a year.

After close to a year, during which time the site generated only a couple of leads, I decided to try and make the SEO work myself, without the help of any ‘experts’ ; and recently we saw that our site was starting to ‘cook’ and we started to receive requests for quotes for our services, via the site.

Here is my list of things that worked for us:

  • An attractive, well organised, user friendly site with links to social media
  • #Lots of pictures, relating to the content
  • Copy that reflected the ‘vibe’ of our business so visitors could get a ‘feel’ of what kind of people we are
  • A testimonials page
  • Most important! a blog page wherein we, the owners could post regular interesting blogs on all sorts of subjects, but mainly topics related to our business
  • It is vital to keep the site ‘alive’ with fresh content at least every two weeks
  • #Keywords that are the words potential customers put into the browser in Google when looking for your services, and that also appear often in the text of your blog. These keywords are one of the things that ‘bots’ look for when setting a ranking level for your site!!

I hope these tips help you to optimise your site.

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