The horse has bolted. One out every three South Africans is infected. Shutting down the economy using another level Four Shutdown will cause more misery and death but will not stop the Covid carnage.

Take Covid out of the equation. People will still drink. They have been doing so since Prohibition and if they can’t buy alcohol legally, people will simply build more shacks out of sight in the bushes, and manufacture “moonshine” and sell it illegally. Right now truckloads of alcohol are being trucked across the country illegally.

Our fantastic country will deteriorate even more than the disastrous state it is in now and will go backwards. South Africa will be relegated to the “dustbin of history.” The only way to fix this disastrous situation our country is in, is to take a leaf out of Australia’s book and clamp down so severely on the drunk drivers, and pedestrians, by instituting huge fines, imprisonment and loss of driving licences and use the revenues thus generated to support the hospitals financially, so they can save more lives and let people get back to work.

Unfortunately our President hasn’t got a clue how to run the country. He is floundering around like a chicken without a head and It’s time to get serious and tackle the root causes that are causing the downfall of our country.

We need to form a coalition government on two pillars; a socialist pillar to advance the interests of the poor, to include comprehensive improvement in education, build a workable medical system that will help ALL our citizens and uplift livelihoods; and a capitalist piller to advance capitalism and build the economy back.

Law and order is being ignored in our country so we need to beef-up the judiciary and the police so we can round up the selfish idiots who are ruining our country and put them behind bars. Corruption must be ruthlessly stamped out without fear or favour.

Too much power is being wielded by the rich and connected in our country as in the rest of the so-called Democratic “free” world. The equation needs to be balanced better. Tax the hell out of the so-called “elite” and redistribute that wealth in ways that will assist our disadvantaged masses. Get them out of the shacks and get them working and living better. We should be ashamed at the desperate situation in our townships that is growing worse, daily.

Democracy and Capitalism work, but we have to develop our people and reward them for the right reasons. There is a vast amount of untapped talent and entrepeneurial skill in our townships and rural areas. Use it!

Good luck to us all!

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