The various political parties are pursuing an entirely political agenda. Democracy plays no part in this issue. Mandela and the late Prime Minister De Klerk’s amazing achievement in bringing extremely opposed parties together in 1994 and creating the so-called Rainbow Nation is being ignored; in favour of the narrow-minded agendas of those who wish to grab power over the country in the 2024. election.

Of course, the majority of the members of the General Assembly would never have voted for the new amendment that would inevitably have led to complete chaos, as land simply being given to claimants on the basis of historical rights to such land is completely farcical for the following reasons:

  1. The white monopoly capital leaders that Malema and his cohorts in the EFF are always whining about continue to hold the reigns of power; including our president Ramaphosa;! as they will continue working hand in hand with the ANC top dogs, who will never relinquish their grip on the status quo as; if they did so, they would cease to benefit from the riches that they continue to salt away; thus making the gap between the rich and the poor larger.
  2. Giving land to people, purely because of so-called ‘ancestral rights’ is completely ludicrous because these so-called claimants of land have contributed absolutely nothing to the country over the time they and their forbears have been living in this country, neither architecturally, nor in terms of business achievements nor industrially, nor in terms of educational advancement.
  3. If you are talking purely about ancestral rights, then the rightful claimants should firstly be the Khoisan people who were the indigenous people of our country; which can be borne out simply by looking at the art in ancient caves in our country; followed by the 1820 settlers, the Dutch, French and German immigrants and many other nationalities who contributed hugely to the country’s development in all respects.
  4. What will happen if the government gives land to people simply for ancestral reasons? The designers of our constitution should never have agreed to give land to people without giving due consideration to every person’s right to own land on grounds of merit who have made themselves sufficiently financially able to afford buying land on the basis of ‘willing buyer, willing seller’ legal transactions.
  5. Free land is not a viable concept under any circumstances.
  6. The leaders of our country gave full rights to ALL CITIZENS IN 1994, IRRESPECTIVE OF COLOUR CREED RELIGIOUS PERSUASION etc.
  7. ‘There is no such thing as a free lunch’ is an expression that continues to be true. Any citizen should have the right to own land as a result of their own efforts to succeed in an allegedly democratic society.
  8. The only results that will come from redistribution of land as envisaged by Malema and his supporters will be negative ones such as more informal settlements, poverty, disease, more children, more pressure on health services, less service delivery more unemployment and more crime.
  9. Owning undeveloped land does not make the owners richer unless it is supported by better government backed education, financial support and services. Where is the money going to come from for that? bearing in mind that the ANC is already unable to keep the lights on or pay its staff on time!
  10. The ANC failed in the last 27 years to deliver democratic rights to their people. This failure can only be blamed on the ANC government and their followers. THEY WERE IN CHARGE OF THE COUNTRY FOR ALL THOSE YEARS AND THEY FAILED, DUE TOTHE CORRUPTION AND GREED OF THEIR MEMBERS.

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