Cleaner air

More family activity

Healthier lifestyles

Better food

Cleaner industry

More corporate efforts to uplift and mobilise the ‘have nots’ to become an engine for growth

Less slums, townships, slums, Favelas

Protection of nature and eco-tourism

Less mass activities

Lower interest rates

Lower proper prices

The list is endless, but the message is clear! – #mankind needs to maintain the ‘step back’ that we were and still are being forced to take. Nature is telling us in no uncertain terms that we all need to #return to a simpler way of life; otherwise the enormously powerful forces of nature will totally destroy all of us, using weapons like the Corona virus. There is in the ‘new normal’ no place for ego driven autocrats like the American president, who showed his colours very early in his presidency by promoting “America First.” It sounded good at the time, but was soon revealed as a total sham, which should have been signposted as #’Trump first’.

When a devastating enemy such as the #Corona Virus is unleashed upon the world, it cannot be fought by individual countries doing their own thing and practising ‘one upmanship’ against other countries and individuals. This has been perfectly demonstrated by the USA; as they clearly show that every move their president makes is directed at attacking such countries, individuals and personal and political rivals.

In previous world catastrophies, the US was accorded the status of a world leader, and the nations’ contribution to efforts at fighting an enemy of the so-called ‘civilised world such as Hitler, was acknowledged. The attitude and actions of the present US administration and particularly its president showed clearly that it didn’t care a damn about the rest of the world’s problem with Corona and that any efforts that were made were only intended at putting the president first; secondly the US and the rest of the world came a poor third in its priority list.

It seems as though, although all the right things are being done by officialdom to slow and hopefully control this virus, going forward; in the delicate balancing act between actions to control it and the powerful and essential drive to reopen economic activity; the baton has now been passed to the individual.

Unfortunately, there are too many individuals who dare to gamble with their and other people’s lives by completely ignoring the medical expert’s advice and just ‘doing their own thing’.

Only time will tell the outcome of this suicidal and homicidal behaviour

Enjoy the party. It might be your last!

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