It’s amazing to me how the supposed leaders and ex-leaders in our country continue ‘GIVING THE FINGER’ TO LAW AND ORDER in our country. Zuma, an arch dodger of the law if ever there was one, was found guilty of enriching himself substantially by his illegal participation in the Arms Deal; and he still owes the courts R18.2 million for his defense in that matter.

Zuma also owes R175.259 to the tribal authority on land he leases from the Ingonyama Trust ; and amazingly, the Zulu King, who is the sole trustee of the trust says they have no intention of evicting his family or attaching any assets to recover the money.

Zuma owes R6.5 million to VBS Bank for upgrades to his Nkandla Homestead.

Despite his burgeoning debt, Zuma continues to receive a pension of R3 million a year, which you and I, the taxpayers have to pay – to keep him in luxury; While the truth is that HE STOLE FROM ORDINARY SOUTH AFRICANS THROUGHOUT HIS TERM.

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Now, on top of all that, Zuma is going “cap in hand” to beg money from his followers; whatever they are: ex lovers, boys and girls of all ages who, for some strange reason still seem to admire him, struggle heroes – Really?? – while he pleads poverty!

I don’t believe for one moment that he is too poor to pay the lawyers who he employs to wage legal warfare against Billy Downer who Zuma accuses of ‘BIAS’ against him . “SHAME – POOR BABY! – THE BIG BAD LAWYER IS PICKING ON ME!” I am pleased to see that Billy Downer is not standing for any such nonsense, and refuses to back down – GOOD FOR HIM!

I would venture to guess that he; just like many others in top positions has been stashing money away in safe tax havens for a very long time – because we all know that politics is often a slippery slope and you can fall off the money train any time.

Now; for Mr Ramaphosa! I see that he is still dodging the Phala Phala bullet. Why, (when he professes to be so honest and caring … (“OUR FELLOW CITIZENS” – he always says, in that sly, smarmy way, when he reassures us that “EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT.”) – is he refusing to disclose where the substantial amount IN DOLLARS NOGAL! HAS DISAPPEARED TO.

If President Ramaphosa is so concerned about looking after his people, why doesn’t he spend a week in a shack in the middle of Winter, with no power, no running water or sewage, and let him watch the turds flow by, surrounded by starving children, so he will then appreciate what he is putting his people through?

Meanwhile, ex soccer player Ace Magashule has unsuccussfully failed in his bid to have the 21 charges of fraud, corruption and money laundering withdrawn, so he also will have to face the music.

Well, Thabo Mbeki managed to get Zuma chucked out of the presidency, so maybe there’s some chance that other members of the ‘crooked cadre brigade’ will get their just rewards; so we can get some real leaders with intelligence, talent, honesty and real leadership qualities into parliament, instead of the useless bunch we have now! We can only hope!


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