It’s the 2021 Insurrection all over again! The ingredients are all in place.

Zuma is back in jailOops! Correction – He’s out again!

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  • The election is getting closer
  • The taxi strike – Death toll – 5
  • schools and shop are already being looted
  • Buses are being set alight
  • Children with no fathers are on the streets
  • There are no jobs
  • Businesses are closing
  • A police station has just been attacked by lunatic children
  • there is a problem with transport everywhere
  • Less food on supermarket shelves
  • Wildfires are ripping across the slopes of Table Mountain, wrecking priceless heritage assets

BUT WHO’S DRIVING THESE CHILDREN? (they are children, to all intents and purposes because even if they are young adults; their mentality is that of children – in the sense that they think no further than their next grant payment or free t shirt or fried chicken or maybe more substantial help from whatever organisation is funding their destructive behaviour).

Unless I am very much mistaken, THERE IS A THIRD FORCE OPERATING behind the scenes who are intent on wrecking our country’s economy and the South African citizens’ livelihoods.

A huge thumbsuck on my part; and many others, I am sure, is to speculate further on this point by looking at the following options:

1. Both China and Russia, being forerunners in the race to secure more areas for investment and greater strategic geographic advantages – particularly the Cape sea route – could be conducting underground activities in our country to create as much economic, political and military disruption and mayhem to secure as many opportunities as possible in a bid for world domination.

2. The World Economic Forum under the leadership of kLAUS SCHWAB; by it’s own admission, intends to take over world government in what has been termed THE GREAT RESET, so as to protect what they consider to be in the best interests of global humanity. Why these opinionated self-styled so-called leaders of the world think that they have the right to even envisage such action is beyond my comprehension. WHO DO THESE SUPER RICH, ADMITTEDLY POWERFUL, ARROGANT HUMANS THINK THEY ARE? THEY AREN’T GOD! However, no doubt these SELF-DELUDED MONSTERS think they can get away with putting such crazy notions into action; and I wouldn’t put it past them to try and stir up South Africa’s youth to the point where they are prepared to try and perpetrate a revolution in our country by looting and burning.

Apparently, they want to slow the world’s birthrate. Well, that’s not a bad idea as the earth’s population just passed the 8 billion mark; but How do you go about it? That’s the big issue; certainly not by messing around with vaccinations or putting mysterious chips into our bloodstreams. The whole idea gives me cold shivers and I certainly won’t be having any more vaccinations; Covid or no Covid!

3. Or … It’s the RET faction in the ANC who, together with Malema, are looking to grab power in the election, using the Sassa brigade to cause so much destruction to the country that they will then be able to paint themselves as SOLDIERS FIGHTING IN THE REVOLUTION as Malema is always rabbiting on about, and take over Government.


15/08/23 Now, coming to the election; there is a lot of discussion about the possibility of a coalition between the ANC and the DA. If this should come to pass, the negotiations between the two major parties will have to mean coming to an agreement about how the coalition would work.

The ANC, to my mind, will fight tooth and nail to hold onto as much power as they can. If they play hardball with the DA on that point; then it seems likely that the DA will counter by saying that if the ANC wants the support of the DA regarding certain policies, such as perhaps persisting with land restitution, keeping financial control of the government’s economy, remaining neutral regarding foreign policy and maintaining control of the majority of SOEs – I’m just spitballing here! then the DA could very well insist on mass privatisation across the board nationally; thus allowing companies to be free to pursue strategies that will stimulate growth, reduce unemployment and improve the balance of payments, thus reducing the crime rate – How wonderful that would be!

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All we can be sure of at this point, is that the negotiations will be extremely tough; with no holds barred. So, let’s hold thumbs in the hope that that there will be an improvement on the present situation we are all having to face.

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