No matter how much leaders, former office bearers, including FORMER PRESIDENTS ramble on about renewal, transformation the glorious history and alleged achievements of the party and all the other tired old platititudes they have been spouting for so long; everyone with half a brain knows that the ANC’s days are numbered.

They may continue to exist as a political entity in name only, but their time as leaders of South Africa is over. They have admitted their guilt in terms of stealing from the pockets of South Africans; the STEP ASIDE RULE IS BEING APPLIED, and the many guilty cadres are shivering in their high fashion boots as they envisage their futures as leaders running down the plughole.

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No more trips to Paris to buy the latest fashions, no more R800,000 cars for the children, no more trips on the ANC jet, no more conferences, fancy dinners, no more lying speeches promising the earth but delivering nothing.

The former so-called leaders of our country can now retire with their ill gotten gains, sit in the sun outside their shacks and and contemplate their cattle.

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The day some bright spark came up with the STEP ASIDE RULE will be forever remembered as the day the ANC started to collapse.

Now is the time for the real leaders of our country to step up and tackle the enormous problems that the ANC created; which started on election day 1994. They can be elected ON MERIT! INSTEAD OF DUE TO FAMILY CONNECTIONS OR BRIBERY!


“From our lips to God’s ears.”

I hope this is not all a dream – but I don’t think so … South Africans, one and all – Now is the time! Finally we as South Africans have a chance to work together for REAL TRANSFORMATION AND RECOVERY – NOT THE RUBBISH THAT THE ANC HAS BEEN FEEDING US FOR SO MANY YEARS – but a chance for us to go back to the promises of the RAINBOW NATION THAT MANDELA PROMISED US – albeit that we are all so much poorer than we were then.

Apartheid was terribly wrong but at least then South Africa was solvent and far more people had jobs and could feed their families. There is still a chance that our country can still be saved. The riches that lie under our soil are still there; but we all need to work TOGETHER TO SALVAGE WHAT’S LEFT, SO SOUTH AFRICA CAN BECOME GREAT AGAIN – as it was in 1994. Read your constitution to see what needs to be done; but above we all we need to work as one nation, devoid of all racist prejudices and build a country that is truly democratic where people are rewarded, based purely on their talents, education, INTEGRITY and capability to do their jobs.

We as a country, need to bring in a team of international experts on energy, management, education, and government, with technical skills who are skilled and innovative with extremely deep pockets who can pull us out of the financial hole we are all in,that makes Kimberley’s Big Hole look like a pothole!

The only proviso that such a team needs to insist on is that the present ANC government has to be removed, lock stock ad barrel and be replaced by a new totally democratic honest government that will bring us back to being the amazing country we used to be and will be again..

(P.S. What happened to the efforts to bring the masterminds behind the horrendous looting, rioting, destruction loss of life and financial disaster in July last year to book, or or is that just being pushed under the rug to avoid the embarassment that will surely be felt by the ANC for their blinkered, inefficient handling of the matter?)

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