With his background of building his New York property empire; followed by political and military maneuvering with other nations such as China, North Korea, Iran etc it now appears that Trump is playing a fiendish game with millions of American lives. The chips he is playing with now are the Democratic protestors who are demanding the lifting of restrictions, caused by the Corona Outbreak.

Though having been an ardent Trump supporter in the past, I now have even more serious reservations about his actions. He is now encouraging American citizens in states that are run by the Democrats to kick against anti-Corona regulations that he personally, together with his advisers, put in place.

Making no bones about it, I believe that Trump is doing this because he knows that such activities and flouting the very protective measures that have dramatically and successfully flattened the curve of Corona virus in the last month will cause an upsurge in the numbers of infections, thus undoing all the gains made up to now. and sending many more americans into the ICU and possible death. #THIS IS A POLITICAL MOVE by Trump because he believes that this dreadful outcome will discredit the democrats before the elections, thus shifting Democratic followers to cross over the Republican side.

Hawaiian and Florida beaches have been opened-up, with certain restrictions on behaviour. Vast crowds of sun worshippers surged onto the beaches and completely all anit-Corona regulations. I fear the outcome of these crazy actions is going to be catastrophic. Do these naive Americans really think they are immune from the virus? #Do they think the salt water is going to kill it?

He has also p…d off the WHO by withdrawing funding from this vitally important organisation at a time when they need to ramp up support and provide worldwide leadership to strike back at this invisible enemy that is really just getting started in many areas in the world. Mr T is certainly not providing the leadership we all desperately to need to deal with the crisis. He is far too consumed with #blowing his own trumpet and preparing his own path towards his next term as president to do that.

It all seems #like a horror movie right now. I hope we wake up soon and realise it’s only a nightmare!

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