He is supposed to be the leader of the free world, but his agenda does not reflect this at all. Trump trumpets slogans such as “keep America great”, the self styled “Law and order president” is in truth not for America at all. Trump is about Trump and only about Trump. He is an overgrown schoolboy who appeals to the pioneering macho spirit that originated with the Wild West heroes depicted by John Wayne, the Lone Ranger, Wild Bill Hickock and the like; typical American heroes with pistols on their hips, wiping out the so-called “Bad Guys”. I have the greatest respect and admiration for Clint Eastwood and his distinguished career as an actor, but #emulating Dirty Harry is no way to run a country.

Trump managed to build his property empire by using negotiation techniques, exemplified by his book “The Art of the Deal” and has successfully employed these tactics to run the USA and, to give him his due, he did improve the US economically. However the job of running the country does not just revolve around dominating rivals using a combination of money and military might.

To be an inspirational and effective leader requires more than just charisma, money and power. The president of a country like the USA is required to show some finesse, and compassion for all sectors including the poor, minorities and immigrants. White Supremacy has no place in a country whose forbears espoused liberty, equality and fraternity; irrespective of race, creed or colour.

Joe Biden has his faults but at least he shows some concern about issues such as having a health service that protects all citizens equally and protecting the environment. He is definitely not the complete answer to solving America’s problems; problems that don’t only affect Americans but also have a ‘knock-on’ effect on the rest of the capitalist and democratically driven so-called “free world”.

Instead of blindly focusing on blaming the Corona Virus on China (although he is probably right about that), Trump should have focused the country’s efforts on solving the Corona problem by enforcing mask wearing, controlling mass gatherings, social distancing and hand washing. Instead, to promote and feed his massive ego and in an attempt to capture voters, he holds massive rallies with minimal mask wearing; completely ignoring the fact that the US is currently leading the world with a massive and incredibly fast increase in Corona infections (over 99000 new cases in the last 24 hours – unbelievable!)

Russia is watching all this, and so is China and Korea; and I suspect that, despite all Trump’s “Buddy, Buddy” so called diplomacy efforts, and although these countries have so far afforded Trump some respect and co-operation, because of America’s military and economic domination; due to Corona, the USA is not as wealthy as it was before the pandemic, and that its armed forces are not as dominant as they were. North Korea’s and other nation’s nuclear arsenals continue to grow, despite Trump’s efforts to leverage economic cooperation between the US and these super powers.

America and other western nations need to know that the US has a strong resourceful leader who can continue to perpetuate, support and grow a combination of capitalist and socialist government that will allow the country to continue to be Great! That’s not going to happen under Trump’s watch.

Hopefully, Biden will get in, as the polls predict, and will provide a much needed breath of fresh air and sanity after four years of insanity and chaos under Trump’s non-leadership. If “Sleepy Joe” pulls it off, then he needs to surround himself with a group of capable supporters and advisers who will guide America into safer waters. I believe that Foreign Policy will be a weak area for Biden and that he will need strong support in that area!

#Get this man out of the White House before it’s too late!

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