Donald Trump has been lying low for a while now and what a relief that has been for all mentally stable people.

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He suddenly popped up at a convention that was discussing the matter of gun control; and of course, the same ‘knuckle walking’ supporters who attacked the seat of government at the Capital Building in Washington DC were there in force, to support the EX! president to air his well known views on allowing American citizens to bear arms.

When Trump first attained celebrity status for his role in “The Apprentice” and later became president, I thought he was a reasonable guy, a ‘self-made man’ who would bring fresh ideas to America but once established in his role as president, he showed his true colours as the ‘monster’ he became.

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Trump, an ardent and voluble supporter of the NRA (National Rifle Association) says that Americans should be allowed to bear arms to protect themselves against “evil” people. This is typical of Trump’s juvenile sounding statements. They always sound like the immature , petulant utterances of a ten-year-old child. The irony is that Trump showed himself to be ‘evil’ in the way he carelessly dismissed the Corona Virus pandemic as a passing phase that was ‘like the flu’ and would disappear when the warmer weather of Summer arrived – hence causing the unnecessary deaths of a million Americans.

Perhaps if you come from places like a tumbledown shack in the swamplands of Louisiana, living off catfish and alligator flesh, that kind if view might make sense, but giving too much latitude to gun owners; clearly shown by the horrifying event in a school in Texas where a deranged gunman opened fire on helpless pupils and teachers, causing the death of 19 children and two teachers is clearly insane. There are too many ‘loonies’ running around in many so-called ‘advanced’ cities in the world to allow unfettered access to weapons.

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It’s desperately sad to see how violence, drug abuse, abuse of women and children and sexual abuse; particularly among the super rich and powerful, are allowed to take place in our society – and South Africa is no exception.

It seems that celebrity status and having obscene amounts of money are a passport to kill, steal and abuse other humans; especially those who have less than you do, in today’s world.

Regarding the Russia versus Ukraine ongoing war; which inevitably includes certain smaller and less powerful European countries such as Finland, Sweden and Turkey, it seems that these countries are continuing to dither concerning what to do about Russian attacks within Ukraine’s borders. Clearly, this war is going to go on and on for a long time; with Putin continuing to pound Ukrainian cities with bombs, while trying to gain concessions from these countries, using Russian supplies of piped oil as bargaining chips.

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In my humble opinion; capitalism; with its emphasis on allowing the most talented, capable people to rise to the top, while still supporting democratic governance is still the best system for providing the best quality of life for most people. So democratically run countries should surely work and stand together against those perpetrating crimes against humanity such as Putin and others.

Tragically, as always, it’s the poorer masses, particularly those living in the cities, who suffer the most in these situations; being driven from their homes and countries, carrying their remaining worldly goods on their backs; having lost their status as residents in their home countries; now being left with only refugee status.

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