Russia’s President Putin is clearly committing a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY in continuing with his agenda of systematically attacking Ukraine and in the process, threatening other adjacent European countries. He also has the cheek to “Oh so generously”! offer to allow helpful countries safe passage to supply humanitarian aid to threatened Ukranians who have run out of food, tents etc.

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Meanwhile it is Russian troops, under orders from Putin who keep on bombarding Ukrainian cities and towns; thus forcing civilians who played no part in fomenting the war to lose their homes, livelihoods and sometimes their lives. He is a ruthless arch manipulator who will stop at nothing to advance his agenda of grabbing more and more territory and brainwashing citizens into supporting Russia. The parallels with Nazi Germany are obvious!

In 1945, at the end of the Second World War, The United Nations was formed with the express purpose of maintaining international peace and security; so as never again to allow any country in the world to dominate other countries and pursue an course of action that threatens us all; particularly as many countries now have nuclear weapons.

The fact that Alexei Navalny, an outspoken critic of the Russian government’s policies, including Putin’s war against the Ukraine has been moved to a PENAL COLONY! that allegedly has a shocking record concerning it’s treatment of inmates, gives us a good indication of the president’s attitude towards any criticism of his policy and actions; as well as his attitude in general towards foreign nations or individuals’ opinions of his strategy.

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It also seems that the members of the EU are being very cautious about assisting the Ukraine with effective weaponry to stop Russia’s continuing advance on Ukranian cities. Countries such as Germany and France seem to be sitting on the fence regarding giving overt support to the Ukraine; probably because they are not sure whether Russia is likely to win the war or otherwise some sort of treaty might be arrived at between the EU and Russia.

It’s all very much up in the air at the moment; but the problem with that is that the longer the war goes on , the greater the interest rates will climb; thus putting pressure on all nations, including South Africa.

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This “Cold War”, over Ukraine is all we need at this time, on the back of the painfully slow waning of Covid, the rocketing oil prices, and the catastrophic effects of global warming, causing climate changes and a concomitant rise in world hunger and stateless, homeless people.

To add insult to injury, in South Africa, due mainly to our government’s irresponsible policies such as BEE, SOEs and more recently foreign policy (NB! why are we cosying up to Russia at this worst possible time), our interest rates and international credit rating keep falling, so we are becoming more and more isolated, due to the exchange rate.

Well, we can only “vasbyt” and hope that somehow, things will improve

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