(Message from a concerned South African citizen, who is perturbed about the likely fate of our beautiful country – South Africa.)

The heading of this post is a direct quote from Rob Hersov, who I believe is one of the few people in South Africa today WHO SPEAK THE TRUTH.

I am writing this post in a state of anger – and that is good because when I am angry I do the best posts that cause an immediate spike in our pageviews.

1 – I am angry about our cowardly, totally useless president Ramaphosa who blames everyone else for his failures. He has no clue how to run a Spaza Shop, let alone a country. He has no loyalty to his so-called FELLOW SOUTH AFRICANS??? His only loyalty is to his criminal cronies. His only wish is to hang onto his ILL – GOTTEN GAINS. I don’t believe that he is even loyal to the gang of illiterate criminal cadres in the ANC, as I think that when things get too hot for him, he will dump the ANC in a heartbeat! and flee the country.

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2 – I am angry at WHITE MINORITY CAPITALISTS. That group, includes the Rothschilds, the Oppenheimers, the Rupert family and all the other millionaires and billionaires who are the only group with the capability to bring the ANC down. They are a useless bunch of spineless sychophants, sucking up to the government, hanging on to their coattails, in the vain hope that THINGS WILL COME RIGHT WITH THE ANC AT THE HELM. WHAT A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT!

3 – All the ANC cadres and Ramaphosa in particular, are good for, is making promises to the electorate that never come true. Ramapoephol has just come up with another in the endless sequence of broken promises going back 30 years, that, armed with the latest windfall from a Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg TO THE TUNE OF 826000 US DOLLARS – he will PROVIDE AN ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION, JOB CREATION, EDUCATION, SKILLS AND HEALTH – BULLSHIT, BULLSHIT, BULLSHIT!’

4 – Additionally, In a desperate bid to amass funds for the ANC’s election campaign, Yammerphosa has resorted to crowdfunding, aimed at the stupid ANC loyalists, and among other things a gala dinner – (of course where attendees had to pay for a place – (Prime seats at the president’ table cost R30.000 per plate nogal! – more dumbass supporters with more money than sense!)

Rob Hersov recently went into a local cafe in Hermanus to buy bread and handed out stickers that read VOETSEK ANC to all the people in the shop, hoping that they would put them on their cars.

Rob also recently took part in a protest march in front of Luthuli House, to protest against government’s multiple failures, where he presented a rousing speech, which gathered over 400000 views.


Unfortunately, a large portion of the electorate, particularly young unemployed people, are easily bribed into submission to the ANC’s wishes by promises of government action, and bribes comprising t. shirts, party regalia, KFC chicken and the like, will continue to vote for the ANC.

5 – Personally, I am angry about and reject all forms of elitism, world domination, particularly the World Economic Forum under Klaus Schwab, the World Health Organisation, Communism, Big Pharma, the ridiculously powerful grip that our planet is subjected to by the purveyers of AI and digital techology, and all forms of cultism, including the Illuminati, Scientology, as well as child trafficking, drug trafficking, money laundering, romance and other types of scams and Mafia style criminality, Satanism and protection rackets that threaten businesses and small businesses and livelihoods, the world over. To my mind, nationalism and capitalism are the only way to go.

In a recent speech, Klaus Schwab showed great surprise at the fact that protesting citizens in many countries don’t want to allow THE so-called ELITE to make rules for the rest of us. Amazingly for him; they actually don’t want to HAVE NOTHING AND BE HAPPY.

I stand for Democracy, Capitalism, Freedom of Speech, the right for people to refuse any form of nationally organised rules and laws that take away the individual’s rights to refuse to comply with any form of national or international health control, particularly vaccination, medication, and, atrocities like computer chips inserted under the skin or in human organs or any other form of control of medical treatment and everything else that threatens human life in general today.

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I also vehemently oppose global currency and uncontrolled national taxation that is not approved and agreed to by all people.

I believe in the essential role and independence of the judiciary, a well-controlled, well-run police force and military dedicated to maintaining the rule of law, civil liberty and service delivery.

It seems that in today’s world, money, power, technological expertise and criminality are winnIng the battle hands down, over the rest of mankind, integrity, democratic principles and fair play, so it’s high time that the man in the street takes matters into his or her own hands takes to the streets and protests against such evils; especially by corrupt governments. The good news is that this is already happening in countries such as France, the US and India.

Our country is a prime example of that, but citizens need to become a lot less complacent and more aggressive if we want the ANC to VOETSEK!

Okay, that’s my rant for today. I’ll put my soapbox away now.

Watch this space!

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