I happily acknowledge using ‘Skidmarks’; whom I dub ‘Warrafak’ s recent outpouring of opinion, factual descriptions, (not so liberally sprinkled with epithets this time), for inspiration, as I have increasingly enjoyed his highly entertaining, knowledgeable pieces on South Africa and the rest of this topsy turvy world we live in.

The central theme of this post is what I perceive as a gradually increasing build-up of a developing power struggle between the developed nations such as the USA, the UK and various other countries on the one hand, and the BRICS countries, presently comprising Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa on the other. What is fascinating is the probability that BRICS will probably dramatically increase in size and power as new countries vie for inclusion in BRICS. at the conference. Also, the prospective new members represent large populations, plus a lot of economic activity.

In economic terms; the power of the dollar continues to hold sway in the developed world; backed by US intimidation of other less developed countries, such as the BRICS members and others, by means of economic sanctions; as well as by spreading accusations of human rights violations; in exactly the same way as they, along with Britain and other countries did to South Africans, pre-1994, by accusing them of perpetuating the admittedly evil system of APARTHEID.

However, the end result of that strategy was and still is, that the restrictions placed on the majority population of the time that were referred to as ‘Non-Whites , was replaced by the theoretically more democratic system under the dictum of ‘One Man One Vote’, BEE and CADRE DEPLOYMENT.

Over the last 29 years, the ANC caused the country to deteriorate into a state where the majority of the population experiences abject poverty, with a disastrous education system, a complete collapse of our currency; riddled with corruption and the economy and complete domination by a ruthless so-called ‘elite’ who have zero interest in protecting its citizens against the ravages of crime, dominated by criminal overlords – in collusion with the government; and allied cadres; who are only interested in lining their pockets ‘AND TO HELL WITH THE PEOPLE’ – THE VERY OPPOSITE OF DEMOCRACY! Every promise that Ramaphosa made to his people failed utterly; right up until today.

Coming back to today’s power struggle; the ‘Paper Dollar’, as it is referred to by ‘WARRAFAK,’ is a serious threat to the West and the US in particular, caused by the growth of the BRICS grouping; especially now that there is serious talk going on about the creation of a new currency, representing the BRICS countries, being referred to as the BRICS DOLLAR. The advantage that this new BRICS currency has over the US Dollar is that it is backed by substantial amounts of real assets such as gold, grain and oil; as well as the fact that BRICS is allowing member countries to trade freely between each other; and to ignore attempted domination by means of sanctions placed on them by the US.

The US wants to derail the BRICS conference because it is likely to threaten the very existence of the developed world, by weakening the economic and financial stranglehold the US and its allies have over developing countries such as South Africa.

The South African government cannot afford to lose the support of Russia. Additionally, Ramaphosa and his cadres are playing a dangerous game by blatantly supporting racist and ideologically risky agendas such as the blurring of racial identities by supporting gay, transvestite, bisexual, poly-amorous policies and the like, which go against the conservative Afrikaans culture; particularly in the farming community; and thus alienating this group will cause further friction with a large chunk of influential, wealthy people in the electorate.

aggressive young ethnic transgender man with opened mouth in bdsm costume
Photo by Kamaji Ogino on Pexels.com

The Russian president Putin is supporting the ANC government, simply because they are in Government; however, the ANC is compounding their many mistakes by pursuing ideological, yet discriminatory policies by blatantly promoting racial pro-black anti- minority policies, such as; land restitution without compensation, black only water rights, turning a blind eye to farm murders and black only job allocation. Using ideology as a canvassing vote gathering tool is a dangerous game to play.

The West would love to use a campaign against human rights violations in South Africa, as discussed above; to attack BRICS, and the ANC is playing right into their hands, by pursuing such policies.

Solidarity and Afriforum, if they had any sense, would go to President Putin and ask him to whisper a word into Ramaphosa’s ear, telling him to refrain from such risky racial policies and the chances are that if they did so, he would do exactly that – and then – sure as nuts, Cyril would cease such actions immediately, because the ANC cannot afford to lose Russian support.

One can only hope that the BICS conference; wherever it may be held, has positive outcomes; as from my perspective, its members are currently doing better than the more developed countries, such as Britain, the US than the less developed countries are doing; as; despite our many problems, I have no option but to keep an open mind on future prospects in our country. However, I just hope that the right people will come out on top, so we can be blessed with real leaders who have the interests of the WHOLE COUNTRY at heart, so we can get out of the morass we are in now.

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