President Ramaphosa your latest address to the South African nation has got it exactly right, I think! a – phased approach; some lessening of restrictions so some businesses can slowly and carefully open; especially those that do not involve having people in close proximity, #limited exercise, Whoopee!! You consulted the scientific experts before making a decision. Now we wait with bated breath to see how much freedom we will have from May First. It’s a daring but necessary move, of course, but vital to start doing this to get the economy going again – and take cautious steps towards having a somewhat normal life again.

Smokers can legally continue destroying their lungs; which is their right of course and OK as long as they don’t cause passive smoking for the rest of us. Those who like an occasional glass of wine, like myself, will have to “hang tight” for a while. Oh well – something to look forward to, I suppose! It’s great that the general public can get face masks. Wearing these, I believe will save many lives!

Caution is definitely required as South Africa is still well below the peak at the moment; a delicate balancing act indeed!

We can also observe Georgia in the US, along with some other states who are effectively acting as #guinea pigs for the rest of the world to see what happens as they take much more drastic steps in that direction.

I am also sure that there is going to be a backlash from Jacksonville’s rash move of rushing onto the beaches ‘en masse’ the other day, as well as similar actions by students elsewhere in the US, who also ignored all the warnings and rushed onto some other beaches. Have a heart Guys. We all want to go to the #beaches and parks, but he virus is opportunistic. This kind of mass action is “meat and drink” for Corona. This deadly enemy knows no politics, doesn’t care about race or state boundaries or religious persuasion. It just wants to #infect wherever it can.

News Flash – #President Trump is now continuing to play poker with people’s lives by suggesting that people inject themselves with disinfectant or shine sunlight inside human bodies (how one would do this I don’t Know; and nor does he). Is he nuts?

This irresponsible behaviour is not what one would expect from the self-styled ” leader of the western world” is it?

This kind of “madness” just makes me think how lucky I and the rest of the south African citizenry are to have such a level-headed president in our our country as Cyril Ramaphoza. What do you think?

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