President Ramaphosa has once again revealed himself as the champion fence sitter of all time. What is this man thinking; or does he ever think about anything? – I have to ask.

The Ukraine has been victimised as a country under severe threat from the Russian president Vladimir Putin, who seems determined to challenge all nations in the world; in particular the major Western nations, such as the UK, and the USA by bombing the Ukraine.

What is his agenda? Is he intent on world domination as Hitler was? or is he just flexing his military muscles? or is he trying to destabilize the major nations in Europe, so he can increase his power base there?

The other question is – Is this really Ramaphosa speaking, or is he simply acting as a mouthpiece for the ANC’s top order; as many believe has been the case for a long time?

My personal theory is that Ramaphosa’s abstaining from voting against Putin’s action against the Ukraine is because he needs to show support to Russia; because South Africa is so heavily indebted to Russia and he fears that if he does not cozy-up to Putin, Russia will put pressure on South Africa to repay its debt to Russia faster. That would obviously be a huge problem at the moment, in view of our country’s total international debt – that is in the Trillions, the major issues facing Eskom, the rocketing price of petrol, and the need to maintain a positive profile with the electorate, in view of the general elections in 2024.

STOP PRESS 11 MARCH 2022! Very interesting news is that Ramaphosa has appointed Raymond Zondo – ex chairman of the State Capture Commission to be the Chief Justice of South Africa.

Could this perhaps be a move to shift responsibility for bringing the perpetrators of State Capture to book away from Ramaphosa’s shoulders and more onto those of the Chief Justice. That is a very handy way of making sure that Ramaphosa can avoid the inevitable fallout when the NPA starts arresting and proceeding with legal action against the top echelons of State Capture; instead of the small fish that had to face legal action up to now?

Malema, leader of the EFF party in his usual idiotic way, has said that the appointment of Zondo as Chief Justice is the ‘last nail in the coffin of the South African Judiciary’. All I can say about that is ‘You can’t fix stupid!’

Ramaphosa already has a lot on his plate just now with the DA’s vote of no confidence in the cabinet, so the timing of Zondo’s appointment seems advantageous for Ramaphosa. We can only hope that Zondo will continue taking a firm stance against State Capture criminals, as he did in the Commission, so some of the top echelon of the ANC who are guilty of taking part in and profiting from State Capture can finally be brought to book.

We are so incredibly vulnerable to the major nations in the world, plus the IMF, the World Bank etc because the repayments of our international debt forms such a huge portion of the nation’s GDP that Ramaphosa and his team of advisors must be hard put to find a way out of the scary financial hole we as a nation are in.

It seems that if we put a foot wrong we could very rapidly be taken over and bullied by a country such as Russia or China, and our country will very soon be unrecognisable, as we will become a lackey of those countries and our lifestyles will change into something far more communistic in nature.

All we can be sure of is that the powers that be in the ANC had better take a good hard look at themselves, their party and the nation, and realise that they need to prioritise the needs of the South African people above those of the ANC, because if they don’t, there will be no country left to govern; no more party electoral conferences, fancy cars, haute couture outfits and millionaire retirement nest eggs.

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