2020 has been a year of unbelievable upheaval for our planet and our country. The dominant event that eclipsed everything else was the #Covid 19 pandemic. Never since World War Two has there been a health crisis of that magnitude – and we are all still in it!

On the positive side, as Tedros of the WHO has said; the worldwide response from the medical and scientific community has been unbelievably fast. The world watched while countries, irrespective of political, religious or philosophical persuasion went hell for leather after the goal of producing a vaccine that would save the world from Covid 19; and the results of this effort surpassed all records and expectations.

#Black Lives Matter was a watershed event that precipitated a worldwide revolution against American anti-black racist policies and practices; and those of other countries, including ours in South Africa, that have persisted for decades and spread throughout the world. The youth in particular and all concerned citizens galvanised the world’s press and inflamed opinions across the world; highlighting the horrific treatment of George Floyd in living colour, for all to see.

Global Warming showed its potential menace to destroy our planet; bringing the threat to the attention of many naysayers; but at the same time miraculously revealed how quickly #Nature could bounce back as the air became fresher, people started riding bicycles and exercising as never before, birds came back to sing all around us and wild animals strolled city streets at will. The humans stood back and nature stepped forward in all its beauty and glory.

Politics showed it’s true nature as America’s President showed his true colours to the world and Joe Biden stepped forward to stabilise America and restore some sanity to the American people, and by extension, the rest of the free world. At least now the American people are in a position to bring back the economy and restore its links with other great and small powers.

Covid 19 is a huge threat to all of us; but hopefully, if we all work together, and with the help of vaccines (let’s hope they really do work), and a massive amount of common sense; and perhaps taking a step towards a simpler way of life, we can return to a new and healthier normal and beat Covid 19 and its variant.

Enormous thanks go to all our customers for their great support in 2020. We wish all students and graduates fantastic exam results and great success with your books, manuals newsletters etc. and best wishes from Brenda and Hugo for 2021.

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