Frustration reigns in this lifelong Proteas fan. We seem to have so much talent and depth in the SA cricketing pool. The spirit and strength of Proteas’ supporters is unbelievable and yet we seem to have lost the spark and the “guts’ to get over the line. I mean really! 3 runs difference! between victory and abject failure. The only player who seems to have the necessary qualities to inspire the team to victory, to my mind, and who is capable of giving us some hope for our country’s cricketing future is Rassie Van Der Dissen.

Or is the dismal performance of our cricketing heroes just symptomatic of the general apathy and malaise of SA as a whole these days. Our so-called leadership stinks!! Our president having fish and chips at a local takeaway is not going to cut it!

Our still very expensive State of the Nation Address, and all the pomp and ceremony that goes with it does not excite me at all. I think it’s just going to be more of the usual sad parade of “fake good news” that we have to endure from our so- called “leader.” South Africa was regarded in heroic light in 1994 for overcoming the mistakes of the past. From that time on till today, we have gone from bad to worse, What went wrong?

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