Before we go about controlling the consequences of the much needed lifting of the ban on alcohol and cigarettes surely the ANC cadres, cabinet ministers civic leaders and the like should be compelled to answer the above question. WHERE DID THE MONEY GO?

How on earth are we supposed to correct our multiple problems; namely correct the economic crisis, pay back the enormous loans we as a country have committed to, fix the crime rate, uplift the infrastructure, bring down unemployment, build thousands of houses, create a medical insurance strategy that works; the list is endless! when we can’t even accountant for the horrendous amount of FIVE HUNDRED BILLION RANDS AND BRING THE CULPRITS TO BOOK.

It seems to be “open season for criminals of all stripes, from drug dealers to rapists to wife beaters to Coronapreneurs, all the way up to cabinet ministers, to steal, rape, murder and a hundred other varieties of crime, to their heart’s content, with very little chance of consequences.

“The criminals are laughing at all the hard working people, seeing them as stupid suckers who support them in their nefarious activities. When will the people who see all this going on realise that the criminals are in control of our country. They are masquerading as good guys in fancy suits, driving luxury cars, making endless speeches, promising the world to the citizens of what used to be a wonderful country, admired around the planet for our achievements as a nation – WHAT HAPPENED?

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